Romeo and Juliet IV and V

1. When Juliet arrives at Friar Laurence’s cell, who is there with him? Paris
2. Who gives Juliet the potion to drink? Friar Laurence
3. How long is the potion supposed to make Juliet sleep? 42 Hours
4.Why does Lord Capulet speed up the marriage plans? He thinks juliet changed her mind
5. Who first discovers that Juliet is “dead”? Nurse
6. Why does Juliet pretend to be obedient to her father? Because its Friar Laurence plan
7. What 3 things does Juliet fear before she drinks the potion? It wont work, Friar might poison here, She will wake up in the vault with dead people
8. Why does Paris think that Juliet is crying? Grieving for Tybalt
9. What is the Friar’s plan to solve Juliet’s marriage problems? Gives her a sleeping potion
10. Who says, “Romeo, I come! This do I drink to thee”? Juliet
11. Describe Friar Laurence’s role in dealing with Juliet? He is her allies
12. What would Juliet rather do than marry Paris? Jump from a tower, become a thief, be chained to bears
13. What is the nurse’s name? Angelica
14. Whey is the apothecary’s shop closed when Romeo gets there? Its a holiday
15. At the beginning of Act V, how does Romeo hear what has happened to Juliet? Balthasar
16. What does Romeo buy from the apothecary? Poison
17. Why is Friar John unable to deliver the letter? The quarantine plague
18. Who tries to keep Romeo from entering Juliet’s tomb? Paris
19. What does Romeo intend to do when he leaves Mantua to go back to Verona? kill himself
20. Why doesn’t Romeo know that Juliet is not really dead? Because Friar John doesn’t give him the note
21. Who does the Prince hold responsible for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet? The Montegues and Capulets
22. What does the apothecary symbolize? Death
Who informs the night watchman when Romeo and Paris fight? A Page , young boy
24. What happens in the fight between Paris and Romeo? Romeo kills Paris
25. What is Paris’s request? Lay him with Juliet
26. Romeo tells Balthazar he will enter the tomb to do what? To get a ring from Juliet’s finger
27. When Juliet awakens, she has a conversation with whom? Friar Laurence
28. What does Juliet do after learning of Romeo’s death? Stabs herself
29. What happens between the two families in the closing scene? They makeup
30. Why is the news of Juliet’s death dramatic irony? (Scene IV) Because the audience know that she is alive
31. How does Juliet change during the course of the play? She becomes rebellious
32 What mistakes does Friar Laurence make? Marries R&J without telling parents, doesn’t tell Paris that Juliet is married , he makes all kinds of plans behind the scenes
33. How are Romeo and Juliet responsible for the outcome? they marry quickly and lack judgement
34. How does heaven or fate punish the Capulets and Montagues for their feud? Death of the children
35. What lessons do the deaths teach each family? To get along and feuds are a waste of life
36. How does Romeo learn about Juliet’s death? Balthasar
37. When Romeo says “I defy you stars!”, who or what is he defying? Fate
38. What convinces the apothecary to sell the dram of poison to Romeo? He needs the money
39. The apothecary tells Romeo that the dram of poison “has the strength to kill” what? 20 men
40. What does Romeo believe is “worse poison to men’s souls?” Gold
41. What does Friar Laurence do upon hearing of Friar John’s mishaps? He rights another letter and then goes to get Juliet
42. What does Romeo compare the Capulet vault to? The mouth
43. What does Balthazar do while Romeo buys the poison? Romeo tells him to get the horses
44. What does Romeo do right before he dies? Kisses Juliet
45. What does the Prince do after F. Laurence tells everyone the story? He pardons Friar Lawrence
46. Who is the final speaker in the play? Prince
47. What do the families do to remember their children? They build a gold statue of R&J
48. Which event leads most directly to Romeo and Juliet’s death? Friar John’s delay