Romeo and Juliet Intro/Acts 1-2

What warning did Prince Escalus give the Capulet and Montegues that if they fight amongst the streets again then they will be brought to death
what agreement do Paris and Lord Capulet reach? that it will be Juliet’s decision but she still needs to wait 2 more summers
why does Romeo go to the Capulet’s party? because he is urged to go by Benvolio and Mercutio and he wanted to see Rosaline who would be there
what is the chief obstacle to Romeo and Juliet’s love? their family’s history and the feud
What events set up conflicts? What is the theme that it leads to? the scene that will lead to conflict is Romeo and Juliet kissing at the party. This theme for this is “unconditional love” or “love conquers all”.
Who is a foil character? why? Lady Capulet and the nurse because the nurse is always so crude and talks a lot but Lady Capulet is very poise and gets to the point when she talks
Who challenges Romeo to a duel? and why? Tybalt challenges Romeo with a letter because Romeo went to a Capulet party uninvited
What important message does the nurse bring to Juliet? Romeo says that Juliet shall go to confession and there Friar Lawrence will marry them
Why does Friar Lawrence agree to marry Romeo and Juliet despite his reservations? He hopes that this will bring the 2 families together and end the feud
What is an event that happened in act 2 that is crcial to upcoming conflicts? 1. Romeo and Juliet getting married because they are from feuding families (them of unconditional love)2. The letter Tybalt sends Romeo that explains his anger.
Why do Romeo and Juliet rush to get married? they believe that in order fro them to be together they have to have to be married. if they were dating and got caught their families could easily tear them apart.
aside character’s dialogue is spoken but not heard by other actors on stage
soliloquy a character speaks to himself or herself relating thoughts and feelings
Shakespeare’s early life -has same birth-date and death-date-little is known about his life-most likely baptized 3 days after his bday by his parents-died at 52 years old-buried at same church where he was baptized
groundlings -people who stood closest to the stage-rowdy and difficult group
scenery in the plays there was no scenery, audience had to use imagination
tragedy ends sadly and often with a demise of the main character
prose -the language of everyday speech-ordinary speech
most common form of verse iambic pentameter
iambic pentameter -each line contains 5 iambs-total of 10 syllables
iamb a unit of verse consisting of an unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable
blank verse -a poetic form that usually uses a metrical pattern known as unrymed iambic penameter-unrhymed poetry, usually in iambic pentameter
meter the use of regular rhythm pattern in language
poetry a concentrated and heightened form of language, produced through rhythm and sound
tragic figures -noble figures better than the average person-they suffer a reversal of fortune-they endure a great suffering -they recognize the consequences of their actions