Romeo and Juliet – Intro

when was William Shakespeare born April 23 1564
noble family rich upper class family
limitations barrier
limitations William Shakespeare faced not born into a noble familynot a wealthy familydid not continue formal education at universityno mentorship of a senior artistdid not marry into wealth or prestige
talent as an actor modest – no starry roles
William Shakespeare successful as playwright
Shakespeare success depended on royal patronage
William Shakespeare father John Shakespeare
John Shakespeare profession Glove maker and tradesman
Mary Arden William Shakespeare motherdaughter of affluent farmer
when was William Shakespeare baptized April 26, 1564
where was William Shakespeare baptized in a church in Stratford upon avon
Patronage Funding, sponsorship
what school did Shakespeare attend since he could not attend a uninversity King’s New England School
King’s New England school Local grammar school
Subjects at King’s New England school Roman Comedy, ancient history, rhetoric grammar, Latin, and maybe Greek
Anne Hathway Shakespeare ended up marrying her at age of 18; she was 8 years older to Shakespeare and was 3 months pregnant
How many children did Shakespeare and Hathway have 3; Susanna, Hamnet and Judith
When were the children born Susanna- 1583; Hamnet & Judith- 1585
Lost years 7 years after children’s birth- historical record, little was known, but history could not be traced
Robert Greene 1592- he calls Shakespeare “Upstart Crow”
Upstart Person who rose economically or socially but lacks skills/appropriateness for position
Crow to boast/scavenger who steals from others
Shakespeare’s plays between 1590 and 1592 Henry VI series Richard III Comedy of Errors
1593 Black plague caused theatres to close
Effect of plague Venus & Adonis, The Rape of Lucrece Shakespeare began writing sonnets
Result of Shakespeare’s works Shakespeare earned reputation of gifted poet
Plays in 1594 Taming of Shrew 2 gentlemen of Verona Love’s Labor lost
Shakespeare’s achievements in 1594 shareholder in Lord Chamberlain’s Men remained member of company for rest of career
Lord Chamberlain’s Men one of the most popular acting companies in London
1595 most prolific periods, plays written were Richard II, Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Merchant of Venice
Effect of success Shakespeare purchased second largest home in Stratford
Prolific produced abundant/very fruitful
1596 Shakespeare’s only son Hamnet died
1597 Shakespeare joined other members from Lord Chamberlain’s Men to establish polygonal Globe Theatre
Polygonal in shape of a polygon
1603 King James issued royal license and Shakespeare and other members were known as King’s Men
1616 Shakespeare’s health declined Shakespeare revised his will Shakespeare died at his birthplace in Stratford upon Avon
will left bulk of estate to his 2 daughters, set monetary gifts aside for his sister, theater partners, friends, and poor of Stratford; left family’s second best bed to Anne
when did Shakespeare die April 23 1616
Shakespeare’s lasting legacy 38 plays, 154 sonnets, 2 narrative poems
Today’s world leaving a bed as a gift is kind of rude since it’s not very important
Beds back then luxurious & expensive and kept in guest room as show off for status luxury wealth
Scholars’ Interpretation Shakespeare did not love his wife
Bubonic plague rare disease caused by bacteria occurred in 14th century worst disaster originated in China
Cause started in 1300s- food shortage
effect famine, starvation, low resistance to disease
Black sea link to China & Italy had ships parked there hence many Italians got infected
Disease caused by black rats & fleas effects were swelling or buboes dark spots
Dark spots disease was named Black Death; disease is more deadly when carried by fleas
1900s scientists discovered disease was caused by rat came up with medicine (antibiotics)- cures 95% of cases
Disease or Medicine People were not educated, thus they did not know much about disease or medicine
1500s doctors learned from experiments; ended up killing more patients than helping
Physicians educated doctors but only had limited knowledge, and old equipment
surgeons worked as both doctor and barber could end up causing more damage to patient
Herbalist doctor who uses homemade mixtures to treat diseases
Mixtures Most of ingredients were useless, but some helped
Setting of play Verona, Italy
Verona city built along Adige River
1239 flood took place & caused massive amount of damage
1500s city was rebuilt and new parts were added ruled by wealthy families
Verona, Italy Verona was prized city hence protected by fortified walls
Montague & Capulet adapted names from Montecchi and Capuleti families
Montecchi & Capuleti had opposite beliefs
Romeo and Juliet Play in Verona preserved building and specific area to give people opportunity to relive the play

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