Romeo and Juliet headlines

Act 1 scene 1 Street fighting in Verona Montagues puzzled at Romeo’s odd behaviour Romeo rejected, dejected
Act 1 scene 2 Sleek Paris seeks Juliet’s hand in marriage
Act 1 scene 3 Lady Capulet pleads to Juliet to ponder positively proper Paris’ proposal
Act 1 scene 4 Mercutio and Romeo reflect over reveries
Act 1 scene 5 Juliet hooked on Romeo
Act 2 scene 1 Romeo gives his friends the slip
act 2 scene 2 Juliet’s balcony scene of exchange of love vows
act 2 scene 3 Romeo seeks help from Friar Lawrence
act 2 scene 4 Nurse narrates news to Romeo of Juliet’s neverending dying love for him
act 2 scene 5 Nurse to Juliet: Wedding is a go!
Act 2 scene 6 Friar to Romeo: Marriage is the only way! Romeo marries Juliet!
Act 3 scene 1 Tybalt and Mercutio get the point
Act 3 scene 2 Because Beau’s banished, Juliet contemplates cords
Act 3 scene 3 Romeo informed of banishment: “I’d rather be dead”
Act 3 scene 4 Confident Capulet consents to commend to the cool county despondent daughter
Act 3 scene 5 Parting is such sweet sorrow

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