Romeo and Juliet Glossary Terms

Act main division of a drama
Aliteration repetition of the same initial sound in two or more consecutive words
allusion reference back to something in the past
aside brief remark made my character intended to be heard by the audience, not the other characters
comic relief humorous scene or speech in a drama that is meant to provide relief from the emotion and intensity of the drama
Foreshadowing hint of what is to come in the story
imagery term used to describe words or phrases that appeal to the five senses
irony contrast between what is and what appears to be
metaphor figure of speech that implies or states a comparison
oxymoron contrast of two contradictory terms for the sake of emphasis
personification figure of speech where human qualities are attributed to inanimate objects
scene small unit of a play in which there is no shift or locale or time
simile figure of speech that states a comparison between two unlike things which are similar in one aspect
soliloquy speech given by a character alone on the stage
tragedy type of drama of human conflict which ends in defeat and suffering