Romeo and Juliet – Freshman English – St. Martin High School

When and where is Romeo and Juliet set? Verona, Italy; in the 14th century.
According to the opening speech by the chorus, what will happen to Romeo and Juliet and how will this affect their familes? Concerns a pair of lovers whose deaths shall end the conflict between their feuding families.(they will die and the families will stop fighting).
How does the fight in the first scene begin? The Capulet servants (insulted), bite their thumbs at the Montague servants.
With what punishment does the Prince threaten anyone in the Montague or Capulet parties who breaks the peace again? Death
What is Romeo doing that is causing his father concern? Being depressed, crying, locking himself in his room. Mysterious sadness (lovesick).Moping and staying in his room.
What advice does Benvolio give Romeo concerning his “problem”? Get over her, find a new girl. (forget her and look at other girls.)
What has Paris asked Capulet permission for? For the hand of Juliet in marriage.(to marry Juliet.)
What is Capulet’s answer to Paris? What does he tell Paris to do in the meantime? No, she is still young. Get to know her better first.Win her heart.
How does Romeo find out about the Capulet’s feast or party? From a servant; who could not read (illiterate) – needing help with reading the guest list of who to invite.
What does Benvolio say Romeo will realize at the feast? That there are other beautiful women avaible.Compared to others, his swan will be a crow.
What historical event does the Nurse use to help remember Juliet’s age? The earthquake that happened eleven years earlier.
What does Juliet say about her thoughts of marriage? (Direct Quote) “It is an honor that I dream not of.”
How old is Lady Capulet? 28 years old.
What does Mercutio suggest that Romeo do at the party? How does Romeo answer? Dance – No, too depressed.
What is the point of Mercutio’s long speech about Queen Mab? Dreams are silly and pointless.
What does Romeo belive as a result of his dream? That he is going to die.
According to Romeo, how does Juliet make the other ladies in the room look? Like crows.
Who recogizes Romeo, and how? Tybalt, by the sound of Romeo’s voice.
What does Capulet demand Tybalt do? Why do you think he does this? To leave Romeo alone. To keep peace, to mind the Prince’s orders.
How does Romeo learn who Juliet is? What is his response? (Quote) From the nurse. “My life is my foe’s debt.”
How does Juliet respond when she learns who Romeo is? (Quote) “My only love sprung from my only hate.”
Where and when does Scene One take place? Capulet’s house on the night of the party.
What do you as a reader know in this scene that Mercutio and Benvolio do not? Romeo’s in love with Juliet.
What does Romeo compare Juliet to? How bright does he say Juliet’s eyes are? The sun and the stars. If they replaced the stars, birds would think it is day and not night.
What does Romeo wish he were? A glove.
What does Juliet say Romeo should do about his name? Deny or refuse it. Change it.
Why doen’t Juliet want Romeo to swear his love by the moon? Because it is always changing.(the moon changes.)
What choice does Juliet set before Romeo? If he really loves her then he will marry her soon, or leave her alone.
How does the Friar react when Romeo says he has forgotten Rosaline? Why do you think he reacts in this way? Glad. Depression is unhealthy.
Where does the Friar say young men’s love resides and why? In their eyes; because he has forgotten already.
What persuades the Friar to assist Romeo in marring Juliet? He hopes that it will end the feud between the two families.
What are Benvolio and Mercutio doing as the scene opens? Looking for Romeo.
What do they blame Romeo’s strange behavior on? Rosaline.
What new occurrence in the Montague/ Capulet feud do Mercutio and Benvolio know about that Romeo has not yet learned of? Tybalt’s challenge.
Besides Juliet’s message, the Nurse also delivers what message of her own. What does she say? That he must never hurt Juliet.
What scheme has Romeo devised to get Juliet out of the house so they can marry? Tells her to go to confession.
What is Romeo’s servant going to give tne Nurse? What is its purpose? A rope ladder; so that he can sneak in.
In what length of time did the Nurse promise to return? How long has the Nurse been away? 30 minutes. 3 hours.
What praise does the Nurse give Romeo: What one complaint does she make? That he is handsome; not a perfect gentleman.
In your own words, tell what warning Friar Laurence gives during the wedding. Love slowly if you want love to last.
What three reasons does Benvolio give for retiring, or wanting to go home? 1. Hot 2. Capulets are out, and 3. A fight is likely.
What does Mercutio jokingly say about Benvolio’s behavior? From what you have observed, is this true? He is already to fight. No.
Why doesn’t Romeo rise to Tybalt’s bait? It’s his wedding day.
What reason does Mercutio give for interfering in Romeo and Tybalt’s quarrel? Romeo is being dishonorable.
What three things doese Romeo do to try to stop the fight? 1. Asks them 2. Reminds them of the Prince’s threat, and 3. Gets in between them.
What is the result of Romeo’s interference? Mercutio is stabbed.
What does Romeo predict for the future after learning of Mercutio’s death? More deaths will follow.
How does the above prophecy immediatly come true? Tybalt returns and Romeo kills him.
What is Lady Capulet’s immediate reaction to Benvolio’s testimony? She says that he is a liar.
According to Lady Capulet, what really happened? 20 armed men killed him.
How does the Prince’s punishment differ from the punishment he threatened in Act One, Scene One? Banishment, not death.
What is Juliet impatient for? The night and her honeymoon.
In Act Two, Romeo compared Juliet to stars. How does Juliet now use this comparison? When he dies, the stars will form a constellation in his image.
What misunderstanding occurs between Juliet and the Nurse? Jhliet thinks Romeo is dead.
What does Juliet conclude about Romeo when she first learns that he killed Tybalt? He is handsome but evil inside.
How long have Romeo and Juliet been married at this point? 3 hours.
Juliet compares the sadness of Romeo’s banishment to what? Death of everyone she loves.
Romeo and Friar Laurence feel differently about the Prince’s punishment of Romeo. How does each feel? Romeo – worse that death.Friar Laurence – got off lucky.
Why, according to Romeo, is every cat, dog, mouse, and fly luckier than he is? They are in Verona with Juliet.
Why won’t Romeo listen to Friar Laurence? He’s not young and in love.
For what three reasons do Friar Laurence say Romeo should be happy? He’s alive, Juliet’s alive, Tybalt’s dead.
What is the Friar’s eventual plan for Romeo? Let time pass, come back and beg forgiveness.
How does Friar Laurence plan to get messages to Romeo? Romeo’s servant.
What plans are Juliet’s parents secretly making for her? Marrhy Paris in 3 days.

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