Romeo And Juliet Final Test

At the beginning of the play, Sampson and Gregory rudely joke before eventually flicking of some Montagues by biting their _____. thumb
After a fight breaks out, the ______ stops the fight, threatening to kill them for another fight. Prince
After the prince breaks up the fight, _________ recaps the fight Benvolio
Romeo’s dad Lord _________ worries about him being an emo Montague
Benvolio bets Romeo that he can find a better love than ___________. Rosalyn
Count ______ tries to convince Lord Capulet to marry his daughter Juliet who is much younger than him, he agrees if it is Juliet’s WISH Paris
Lord Capulet tells Paris to come to the party to see Juliet, giving him an invitation. _______ finds it with his friends. Romeo
Juliet was raised mainly by her crude ________. Nurse
Mother and nurse attempt to convince Juliet to marry _______. Paris
Romeo goes to the party disguised in a mask along with his two friends _________ and _________. Benvolio, Mercutio
As Mercutio tries to cheer up sad Romeo, he goes on an insane rant about the dream inducing ____. Mab
Romeo agrees to go to the party even though he believes it will lead to his _______. death
As Romeo enters the party, he looks at the girls and spots _______ and falls in love. Juliet
As he speaks, his voice is recognized by _______ and he threatens to kill him yet is stopped by ________. Tybalt, Capulet
As the party ends, the two kiss and find out each other’s _______. identity.
Type of Imagery: language that evokes feelings of the dark, grotesque, fearful, anxious, evil, the unknown… Dark Imagery
Type of imagery: language that evokes feelings of light, bright, happiness, peace, warmth… Light Imagery
Making the audience laugh to relieve them from a sad part Comic Relief
A form of foreshadowing where the reader knows something the character doesn’t (tragic part of Romeo and Juliet). Dramatic Irony
Play on words that sound alike (Energizer Bunny arrested — charged with battery.). Pun
Pair of opposite words (Jumbo Shrimp). Used to show that characters are distraught. Oxymoron
Benvolio is a _______ and a _______. peacemaker, recapper
In Act 2, Romeo goes to the Capulet ______ to spy on Juliet orchard
Romeo hides behind a wall as his friends Benvolio and Mercutio joke about his love for ________ (they don’t know about Juliet yet) Rosalyn
Romeo stares at Juliet as she speaks to herself about how she loves Juliet despite his name and that names aren’t important. This is a _________ soliloquy
After Juliet’s speech on the balcony, Romeo reveals himself which scares Juliet. Then, they flirt and make plans for a ________. wedding
Romeo then goes to see Friar Laurence who gives him a long Ying Yang speech about _____ herbs
Romeo tells the friar about his love for Juliet. The Friar congratulates him on forgetting Rosalyn but says Romeo is moving too ______. quickly
The Friar agrees to marry Romeo and Juliet to end the family’s ______. feud
After speaking with the Friar, Romeo meets Mercutio and Tybalt and they have ____ time bro
While having bro time, the ______ comes to tell Romeo of the wedding arragements Nurse
After the Nurse talks to Romeo, she comes back to Juliet and annoys her by not telling her that Romeo ______. agreed
Friar Laurence marries the couple in the last scene of Act 2 and tells them to be sensible in love. Juliet gets to wedding by lying to her parents and say she is going to ________ confessions
At the beginning, Romeo is happily _______ and is walking with his two pals Benvolio and _________. married, Mercutio
As the friends walk, they meet _______ who insults Romeo. Romeo brushes it off because of his marriage, but his friend _________ is enraged and begins a fight Tybalt, Mercutio
During Tybalt and Mercutio’s fight, who dies first after being stabbed? Mercutio
Who does Romeo kill to avenge Mercutio? Tybalt
After the fight, the _______ arrives and decides to ______ Romeo, who fled. Prince, banish
During the fight, _____ is waiting impatiently in her bedroom for Romeo Juliet
The _____ arrives and tells Juliet of Tybalt’s death and Romeo’s banishment. Dark version of when she wouldn’t tell Juliet what Romeo said to the marriage proposal Nurse
After hearing the news, Juliet threatens to _____ herself. The Nurse calms her by saying she will _____ Romeo and bring him to her kill, find
Scenes where the same thing goes on for two characters, such as when the Juliet and Romeo both find out the bad news, threaten to kill themselves, and are calmed by their guardian parallel scenes
Assigning human feelings to nature or WEATHER. Ex. A cold, lonesome wind. Strong powerful mountain. pathetic fallacy
A long speech expressing the thoughts of a character alone on stage…so we know what they’re thinking (BALCONY scene) soliloquy
Romeo has a parallel scene to ______ after the fight Juliet
Friar ________ tells Romeo of his banishment. Romeo wishes he were _____ and not banished…threatens to kill himself, has a fit, etc. Laurence, dead
As the Nurse arrives, Friar L. comes up with the plan for Romeo to spend the night with Juliet before leaving to ________. Mantua
While Romeo is in Mantua, Friar L plans to tell everyone of the _________, hoping they will allow Romeo to come home marriage
As Romeo has a fit, Friar Laurence says he should be thankful for what 3 things? Not being killed by Tybalt, Juliet still being alive, being exiled not killed
While the Capulets are mourning the death of Tybalt, ______ drops in Paris
Lord Capulet says that Paris and Juliet will get married on ________ (3 days) and have a SMALL CEREMONY (so they don’t disrespect Tybalt). Thursday
After Romeo and Juliet have a sleepover, Romeo leaves and ______ Capulet tells Juliet of her marriage. Lady
Juliet throws a fit and her dad threatens to _______ her if she doesn’t marry Paris disown
Then, the ______ also turns against her, so Juliet goes to the _____ for help Nurse, Friar
During Act 3, Romeo and Juliet throw fits about the word _______ banished
What does the Juliet give Romeo? A ring
At the beginning of Act 4, Juliet goes to Friar L for advice on what to do about the marriage. She is upset when ______ is there Paris
Juliet threatens to kill herself before the Friar explains one of his expertly crafted ______ plans
The Plan: Juliet will drink his potion, go into a trance for 2 days, and when she wakes up in the family tomb Romeo and her will escape to ________ Mantua
While Juliet talks to the Friar, her ______ is joyously making preparations for her wedding on Thursday family
Juliet apologizes to her dad on her face and agrees to the wedding. Her dad is so happy that he moves the wedding to one day earlier on _________ Wednesday
After Juliet and her mom pick her clothes for the wedding, she sends her mom away and drinks the potion. She is quite scared and confused, but says she’ll do it for ______ love
The morning of the wedding during the final preparations, the Nurse arrives realizes Juliet isn’t sleeping but ______ dead
The Family, Nurse, and _______ grieve and Friar Laurence tries to comfort them Paris
Then, there is a comedic performance by _______ and the musicians hired for the cancelled wedding Peter
Juliet is buried as planned in the family _____ tomb
Act 5 begins with Romeo’s servant ________ tells him Juliet is dead and Romeo rushes to Verona Balthasar
Romeo then buys some ______ from a pharmacist and heads to the Capulet tomb poison
Friar ______ tells Friar Laurence he couldn’t deliver his letter to Romeo explaining the plan John
Friar L realizes the plan is about to implode and rushes to the Capulet tomb to meet the awakening ________ whom he plans to hide in his place until Romeo arrives Juliet
Paris comes to the grave to put flowers on it and Romeo arrives so he ______ hides
Paris thinks Romeo is trying to harm the bodies and challenges Romeo to a duel who refuses but he is forced into it and ends up ______ Paris killing
Romeo puts Paris in the family tomb, declares his love for Juliet and drinks the poison and _____ dies
Juliet awakes and sees Romeo dead. The Friar hears the guards and advises Juliet to leave. She refuses, he runs off scared, and Juliet kills herself with Romeo’s _______ dagger
The Guards, Prince, Capulets, and Lord Montague (whose wife is _____ from Romeo’s banishment) arrive dead
Friar L and the two servants _______ the situation explain
The Capulets and Montagues then end their feud and declare they will build _______ to commemorate Romeo and Juliet. statues