Romeo and Juliet FINAL

Love and Feud Romeo and Juliet loved each other but because of the feud, they had to be married secretly. They both ended up dying because of their love and the feud.
Communication with kids and parents -If Romeo and his parents talked, he may not have gone to the party and then he wouldn’t have met Juliet, also if he ended up going to the party and then talked with his family, they may have ended the feud because of their love.-If Juliet had talked with her parents, they might have figured out what she wanted. They could have talked it over and worked things out.
Money is worse than poison Once in possession, a person could use it wrong and endanger their life
Don’t take people for granted You don’t know how important people are in life until they are gone
Flaws in Romeo that led to his death Quick to fall in and out of love. He was very impulsive and never thought his actions through
Flaws in Juliet that led to her death She was swayed by love and been a “player” allowing men to crawl over her, such as impulsive men like Romeo
Flaws in Tybalt that led to his death was moved by insults and had too many grudges to keep
Flaws in Mercutio that led to his death was always ready to fight though he didn’t count in the feud
Escalus (prince) Hubris He had always tried to be the peace-maker and the one with the most authortyEx. He took fighting not as seriously as he should have and thought that since he was the prince and he can make decrees that they will listen to him. His pride had gotten in teh way of seeing how much hatred was in Verona
Escalus (prince) Harmatia He shold have taken better control of the two families. All he did was threaten and never did what he had said he would in the decree
Montague Hubris Thought he was too important to care for his son
Montague Harmatia Did not communicate with Romeo, did not teach him right and wrong and led him to do whatever he wanted. This led to Romeo’s death.
Capulet Hubris Had the Party only hours after the fight. Let a Montague in the party. Felt that he could change his mind when he wants. Has to have a big wedding because of all the money he has
Capulet Harmatia He let Romeo stay at the party and kicked his own family members out.
Romeo Hubris He was spoiled so he thought he could do anything he wanted Ex. Insults the Nurse
Romeo Harmatia Went to the party, married Juliet, killed himself – overly dramatic
Mercutio Hubris Wouldn’t let insults get to him because he thought he was better than what people were telling him
Mercutio Harmatia Did not give the letter from Tybalt to Romeo. Talked Romeo into going to the party. Thought Tybalt would kill Romeo
Benvolio Hubris Thought he was important enough to be a peace-maker
Benvolio Didn’t tell Romeo about the letter
Tybalt Hubris Thought he was the best at fighting and had always had a grudge from his pride being hurt from the situation at the party
Friar Lawrence Hubris Thought he had the fate to end the feud
Friar Lawrence Harmatia Married of Romeo and Juliet
Juliet Hubris Thought she could get any man
Juliet Harmatia Married Romeo!
Wheel of Fortune Your life could be going great but then suddenly your life could change for the worse, Greeks believed this
Tragedy The downfall of a main character caused by a tragic flaw, the character must be of high status so that the audience can feel pity for them
Tragic Flaw Some personality trait that causes a person’s downfall