romeo and juliet crossword puzzle

PRINCEESCALUS The price of verona.
CHARACTERFOIL A character that by contract highlights or enhances the distinctive characteristics of another character .
LADYCAPULET The wife of lord capulet and mother of juliet .
LORDMONTAGUE The head of the montague family and father of romeo .
ROSALINE The woman romeo likes at the beginning of the play .
SOLILOQUY A speech give by a character alone on stage .
JULIET The daughter of lord and lady capulet and romeo’s love .
PUN A play on words involving the use of words with similar sound but different meaning (collar,color),words with 2+meanings (plain),or words with the same sound but different meanings(sun/son).
SAMPSON Servant of capulet (name starts with s).
PROTAGONIST The main character in a literary work.
FRIARJOHN The man who was to deliver the letter of juliet’s “death”. he was trapped in a town with a disease,and never got the letter to romeo
BENVOLIO Montague,s nephew,and romeo’s cousin and friend
MONOLOGUE A long speech made by one performer or by one person in group
LADYMONTAGUE The wife of lord montague and mother of romeo
OXYMORON A figure of speech consisting of two apparently contradictory terms
LORDCAPULET The head of the capulet family father of juliet.
BALTHASAR Servant to romeo
DRAMATICIRONY Occurs when another character(s)and/or the audience know more than one or more characters on stage about what is happening.
ABRAHAM Servant of montague.
MERCUTIO Romeo’s friend who changes mood very quickly and is a relative of the prince.
PARIS A kinsman of the prince,and suitor of juliet most preferred by capulet.
PETER Servant to the nurse.
TYBALT Juliet’s hot-headed cousin.
FRIARLAURENCE Performs the marriage ceremony.
ROMEO the son of lord and lady montague and juliet’s lover.
NURSE Caretaker for juliet.
GREGORY Servant of capulet(name starts with G).
ALLITERATION Use of the same consonant at the beginning of each stressed syllable in a line of verse
COUPLET Two consecutive lines of poetry that rhyme.