Romeo and Juliet Characters/Place Names

Lord and Lady Capulet Juliet’s parents, leaders of the Capulets.
Lord and Lady Montague Romeo’s parents, leaders of the Montagues.
Prince Escalus Prince of Verona, concerned with keeping Verona peaceful at all times
Juliet The daughter of Capulet and Lady Capulet, married to Romeo, protagonist
Nurse Juliet’s faithful confidante and loyal intermediary in Juliet’s affair with Romeo.
Romeo Daughter of Montague and Lady Montague, married to Juliet, kills Tybalt, marries Juliet
Friar Laurence Friar that marries Romeo and Juliet
Friar John Friar that unsuccessfully attempts to deliver the letter to Romeo in Mantua
Balthasar Romeo’s dedicated servant, who brings Romeo the news of Juliet’s death, unaware that her death is a ruse.
Apothecary Pharmacist that sells Romeo the poison.
Paris A kinsman of the Prince, and the suitor of Juliet most preferred by Capulet. Once Capulet has promised him he can marry Juliet, he behaves very presumptuous toward, acting as if they are already married.
Mercutio A kinsman to the Prince, and Romeo’s close friend, killed by Tybalt.