Romeo and Juliet Characters

Juliet daughter of Capulet13in love with Romeo supposed to hate Montagues, but doesn’t has an idealistic way of viewing love
Lady capulet Juliet’s mother Capulet’s wife Doesn’t really take care of Juliet hates Montagues
Capulet Juliet’s father Lady capulet’s husbandhates Montagues
Nurse Mother figure to Julietservant for the capulets vulgar sense of humordoesn’t believe in love – only physical aspect
Tybalt Juliet’s cousin Prince of Cats hates Capulets tough, but cares about how he looks
Count Paris cousin of Prince escalus Juliet’s suitor wants to marry Juliet
Prince escalus in charge of Veronacousin of Paris and Mercutiotries to keep peace between families
Friar Lawrence Priest for verona friends with romeo and Juliet helps them get married
Romeo son of Montaguein love with Juliet has an idiolistic idea of lovesupposed to hate capulets but doesn’t15 years old
Lady Montague Romeos mother wife of Montague
Montague Romeos father husband of lady Montaguehates Capulets
Benvolio Romeos cousin one of romeos closest friendswants to keep peace between families, doesnt always want to fight
Mercurtio vulgar humorhates capuletswants to fight them romeos best friend
Romeo and Juliet go together because they love each other married
prince escalace and frair lawrence connected by the town and working together want to keep peace between families
balth, abe and pete samp greg servents of both families
Lady Capulet, Capulet and Lady Montague, Montague parents of the lovers at a feud between each other
Nurse and Benvolio friends with Romeo or Juliet care for them
Tybalt and Benvilio cousins or Romeo or Juliet
nurse and mercutio vulgar sense of humor care for Romeo or Juliet don’t believe in love – only physical
Tybalt and Mercutio strong and toughhate each other