Romeo and Juliet Character Review

Nurse Juliet’s mother figure, helps Romeo and Juliet communicate, finds Juliet’s “dead” body
Lord Capulet Juliet’s father, hosts the party, disowns Juliet, promises to build a gold statue in honor of Romeo
Lady Capulet Juliet’s mother, distant from her daughter, also disowns her
Juliet A Capulet, that falls in love with Romeo, fakes her suicide, then actually does it, not 14 yet
Tybalt Juliet’s cousin, “Prince of Cats”, a sword fighter, Kills Mercutio, is killed by Romeo
Paris Wants to marry Juliet, is killed by Romeo at Juliet’s tomb
Friar Laurence Romeo’s confessionary, secretly marries Romeo and Juliet, devises the escape plans, the last person to see Juliet alive
Romeo A Montague, is first in love with Rosaline, falls in love with Juliet, kills Tybalt, banished to Mantua, kills himself in Juliet’s tomb
Mercutio Romeo’s friend, comical, fights and loses to Tybalt, related to the Prince Escalus
Benvolio Romeo’s cousin, peaceful, tries to stop the fighting, convinces Romeo to go to the party
Prince Escalus Prince of Verona, threatens to kill anyone who fights in the streets
Lord Montague Romeo’s father, promises to build a gold statue in honor of Juliet
Lady Montague Romeo’s mother, dies when she learns of her son’s death

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