Romeo And Juliet (Character Names)

Mercutio Romeo’s Best Friend, Related to the prince
Benvolio Romeo’s Cousin
Romeo Son of the Montague’s, Juliet’s Husband
Juliet Daughter of the Capulet’s, Romeo’s Wife
Lord Capulet Leader of the Capulet Family (Juliet’s Father)
Tybalt Juliet’s Cousin
Nurse Juliet’s Nurse/Nanny
Peter Nurse’s Servant
Sampson Servant of the Capulet’s
Lady Montague Romeo’s Mom
Lady Capulet Juliet’s Mom
Lord Montague Head of Montague Family (Romeo’s Father)
Gregory Servant of the Capulet’s
Balthazar Romeo’s Servant
Friar Lawrence Priest of Verona
Friar John Priest of Mantua
Apothecary Doctor
Prince Escalus Prince of Verona (attempted peace keeper)
Paris Prince’s Kingsman/ Juliet’s suitor