Romeo and Juliet — Character List

Dramatis Personae List of characters in a play
Lord Montague Romeo’s father, the patriarch of the Montague clan and bitter enemy of Capulet. At the beginning of the play, he is chiefly concerned about Romeo’s melancholy.
Romeo Montague One of the protagonists, he falls in love with Juliet Capulet at a masquerade. He marries her, but after killing Tybalt he is forced to flee the city. Acting on a plan that Friar Laurence puts together, he thinks that Juliet is dead and drinks poison to kill himself while in her tomb.
Mercutio A kinsman to the Prince, and Romeo’s close friend. He is killed by Tybalt.
Benvolio Montague’s nephew, Romeo’s cousin and thoughtful friend, he makes a genuine effort to defuse violent scenes in public places, though Mercutio accuses him of having a nasty temper in private. He spends most of the play trying to help Romeo get his mind off Rosaline, even after Romeo has fallen in love with Juliet.
Balthasar Romeo’s dedicated servant, who brings Romeo the news of Juliet’s death, unaware that her death is a ruse/not real.
Abraham Abram (sometimes referred to as Abraham) is a servant of the Montague household. He appears in Act 1, Scene 1, where he and another servant (presumably Balthasar) are provoked into a fight with Gregory and Sampson when the latter bites his thumb at them.
Lady Montague Romeo’s mother, Montague’s wife. She dies of grief after Romeo is exiled from Verona.
Lord Capulet Juliet’ father, The patriarch of the Capulet family, , husband of Lady Capulet, and enemy, for unexplained reasons, of Montague.
Tybalt A Capulet, Juliet’s cousin on her mother’s side. He kills Mercutio. Vain, fashionable. He loathes Montagues.
Sampson Servant to Capulet; bites his thumb at Montagues
Gregory Capulet servant
Peter A Capulet servant who invites guests to Capulet’s feast and escorts the Nurse to meet with Romeo. He is illiterate, and a bad singer.
Lady Capulet Juliet’s mother, Capulet’s wife. A woman who herself married young (by her own estimation she gave birth to Juliet at close to the age of fourteen), she is eager to see her daughter marry Paris. She is an ineffectual mother, relying on the Nurse for moral and pragmatic support.
Juliet Capulet The 13-year-old daughter of Lord Capulet and Lady Capulet. Wife of Romeo. Shows strong devotion and loyalty to Romeo, despite his foolish actions.
Nurse Juliet’s nurse, the woman who breastfed Juliet when she was a baby and has cared for Juliet her entire life. Helped Romeo and Juliet get married.
Prince Escalus The Prince of Verona. A kinsman of Mercutio and Paris. As the seat of political power in Verona, he is concerned about maintaining the public peace at all costs.
Paris A kinsman of the Prince, and the suitor of Juliet most preferred by Capulet. Once Capulet has promised him he can marry Juliet, he behaves very presumptuous toward, acting as if they are already married.
Friar Laurence A Franciscan friar, friend to both Romeo and Juliet. Always ready with a plan. He secretly marries the lovers in hopes that the union might eventually bring peace to Verona.
Friar John A brother of the Franciscan order, sent by Friar Laurence to tell Romeo of his sleeping potion plan for Juliet. The Friar is prevented from getting to Mantua and the message does not reach Romeo.
The Apothecary An apothecary (alchemist) in Mantua. He sells a poison to Romeo for money; he is a pragmatist who values making money more than doing the right thing.
Page to Paris This character accompanies his boss to the female lead’s tomb and is instructed to stay alone in the churchyard and whistle a warning if anyone approaches.
Chorus Speaks the Prologue to Romeo and Juliet. Not involved in the action of the play.