Romeo and Juliet Character descriptions.

Romeo In love with Rosaline at the beginning of the play. Falls in love with Juliet at the ball. Kills Tybalt. Montague
Lord Montague Father to Romeo and enemies with the Capulets
Lady Montague Mother to Romeo. Dies from broken heart of Romeo being banished.
Benvolio Romeo’s cousin. Wants Romeo to come to ball with him. Friends with Mercutio. Sensitive and peace-maker.
Balthasar Romeo’s servant. Travels with Romeo to Mantua
Friar Lawrence A friar of the Order of Saint Francis, whose good intentions precipitate the tragedy.
Juliet In love with Romeo. Supposed to marry Paris. 13 years old. Knows what she wants. Capulet
Lord Capulet Juliet’s father and a temperamental bully who initially pretends to consider his daughter’s welfare while arranging her marriage, but later demands her quick union with Count Paris. Her father’s pressure is a catalyst in the final sequence of events that ends in Juliet’s suicide. Capulet
Lady Capulet Juliet’s mother is submissive to her husband, and refuses to intercede for Juliet when their daughter expresses concern over the arranged marriage to Count Paris. Capulet
Tybalt Short Temper. Kills Mercutio. Slain by Romeo
Nurse Like Juliet’s mother. Knows about secret marriage.
Sampson A Capulet servingman who is involved in the street brawl
Gregory A Capulet servingman who is involved in the street brawl
Prince Ecalus The ruler of Verona who provides for and represents law and order in the city. He frequently attempts to cede the violence between the Montagues and Capulets, but he finds himself powerless against true love.
Mercuito Romeo’s friend, a kinsman of the Prince, and one of the play’s most colorful characters. In the early Acts, Mercutio displays a pronounced wit and colorful language. However, by Act III, as he lies dying after the street fight, he delivers a damning speech on the feuding houses. Mercutio’s death marks the play’s turn into tragedy.
Paris Count Paris is Juliet’s suitor – Lord Capulet supports the union but Juliet despises him. Though never as insidious as Lord Capulet, Paris behaves arrogantly once the marriage date is set. He confronts Romeo in Act V, which leads to the Count’s death in battle. Related to the Prince
Rosaline Romeo is in love with at the beginning of the play. Doesn’t like boys very much

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