Romeo and Juliet Character cards (Rayna & Zaria)

Romeo LOOKS: handsome, young, and strongTRAITS: lovesick, smart, and loyal RELATIVES: Benvolio and Lady & Lord Montague
Lord & Lady Montague LOOKS: old and wiseTRAITS: respectful RELATIVES: Benvolio and Romeo
Benvolio LOOKS: handsome and youngTRAITS: friendly and thoughtful RELATIVES: Romeo and Montagues
Bathasar servant for Montagues who delivers bad news
Abram servant for Capulets
Juliet LOOKS: young and prettyTRAITS: naive and confident and loyalRELATIVES: Capulets and Tybalt
Tybalt LOOKS: young and handsomeTRAITS: aggressive and vainRELATIVES: Juliet and Capulets
Nurse LOOKS: old and chubbyTRAITS: loyal and caringRELATIVES: none -> her husband died
Peter servant of Capulets
Samson started fight
Gregory started fight
Count Paris
Friar Lawerance
Friar John
The Apocraphy
The Chrous

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