Romeo and Juliet: Capulets and Montagues

Lord Montague Romeo’s father, head of the Veronese family at feud with the Capulet’s
Lady Montague Wife of Montague, Romeo’s mother.
Romeo Montague Main character, Son of the Montagues, at feud with the Capulet’s but Juliet’s love interest
Benvolio Montague nephew of Montague and best friend Romeo and Mercutio
Abram servant of Montague
Balthasar servant of Montague attending on Romeo
Lord Capulet head of a Veronese family at feud with the Montagues, father of Juliet
Lady Capulet wife of Capulet and mother of Juliet
Juliet Capulet main character, daughter of Capulet and love interest of Romeo
Tylbalt Capulet nephew of Lady Capulet
Nurse Attending to Juliet and her family
Peter Servant to Juliet’s nurse
Samson and Gregory important characters of the Capulet household
Friar Laurence a Franciscan monk, vital to Romeo and Juliets relationship