Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare study Guide

What is a prologue A summary of the play at the beginning of the play
What is the setting Verona and Mantua Italy during the 14th and 15th century
What are the two different families who were at the center of the conflict The Capulets and the Montagues
According to the prologue what is going to put an end to the conflicts The death of Romeo and Juliet
What is the rhyme scheme for this prologue Every other line rhymes
What house do Gregory and Sampson work for The house of Capulet
For which house do Abram and Balthasar work for The house of Montague
What four things does Tybalt hate Peace, Montague’s, Cowards and Hell
What threat does prince Escalus make against the enemies of the peace Execution
What is Romeos physical emotional and psychological condition when he first enters the play Romeo tired and depressed because he is in love with a girl who swore her life to Chastity
What is an oxymoron An oxymoron is a figure of speech that juxtaposes elements that appear to be sick health, heavy lightness
What is Romeos Main love problem at the beginning of the play Rosaline The woman he is in love with is sworn to chastity
What device does Benvolio give to Romeo about forgetting Rosaline To be with other women
Why does Paris call on the Capulet’s He asks to marry Juliet
During their meeting in the scene what encouragement does Capulet offer to Paris Capulet tells Paris that Paris is Capulets first pick for Juliet’s husband
What Two lines show how Capulet feels about Juliet having some input and who she marries The quote “my child is yet and stranger in the world” means that Capulet cares about Juliet’s well-being and won’t marry her off till he feels she is ready”But woo gentle Paris get her heart my will is to her consent is but a part and she agreed with in her scope of choice. Lies my consent and fair recording voice” shows Capulet Will only agree for Paris to marry Juliet Juliette wants to marry Paris.
How are the people invited to Capulet’s party and when will it take place The people at the party in the evening are invited by servant finding the people on the list of names and inviting them
What problem does the messenger houses the invitation list and who helps him The Messenger cannot read the list so Romeo reads it for him
Why does Romeo want to go to the Capulets party and why exactly shouldn’t he go Romeo wants to go because Rosalin. Will be there but he shouldn’t because if he goes he will meet Juliet
Why does Benvolio want Romeo to go to the Capulet’s party He wants to Romeo to meet girls
Find a metaphor from Benvolio speech The quote at this same ancient feast of Capulet’s subs the fair Rosaline Who thou so loves with all admired beauties of Verona go thither and with unattained compare her face with some that I shall show and I will make the think that I swan a crow
Why does lady Capulet want to talk to Juliet To convince Juliet to marry Paris because Paris told her to do so
What can we learn about Juliet from the nurses speech regarding her age birthday and her feel for the nurse Juliets 14th birthday is tomorrow Juliet. Loves the nurse like an aunt
What does the nurse me on line 82 Paris is very handsome and Juliet should marry him
Why would Paris be a good catch for Juliet He is good-looking and wealthy
Based on the information given the scene what is the relationship between Juliet and Lady Capulet Juliet’s relation ship with her mother is weak because she was mainly raised by the nurse
What conclusions can you reach about the nurses personality at the end of the scene She is Vogler long-winded and sentimental she uses comic relief with her frequent inappropriate remarks and speeches
What are Romeo and his friends are going at the end of the scene how are they dressed Romeo and his friends are going to the Capulet’s party wearing masks
What might Shakespeare be hinting at by mentioning Cupid twice early in the scene Romeo will fall in love
Explain Mercuios meaning in lines 29 and 30 He wants to sleep with a woman
Explain one of Mercuios puns If love the rock with you you will be rough with love prick love for pricking and you beat love down this is a pun do the dual meaning of prick defeat and peenis
What does Romeo mean one he says “my mind Misgives” and how is it the entire speech related to the prologue of this act He has doubt about going to the party this hens to the prologue because him meeting Juliet there will result in his death
What is queen Mab’s role as the midwife She gives people nightmares and brings out the worst in people
Lord Capulet’s main concern is that his party is a social success so why does he argued with his own nephew Tybalt Tybalt wants to attack Romeo Lord Capulet are you love him because he doesn’t want Tybalt to ruin the party
Why is Romeo not mediately bounce from the party one found by Tybalt Montague wants to keep the peace and stops Tybalt
“The exact words Romeo says when he sees Juliet Oh she doth teach the torches to burn bright! It seems she hangs up on the cheek of the night as Rich a jewel in Ethiopia’s ear beauty too rich for use, for earth too dear So shows a snowy dove trooping with crows as a younger lady Oer her fellow shows the measures done I’ll watch her place i’ll stand in hers make blast my rude and did my heart love till now forswear it site for I know what ne’er saw true beauty till this night
What are Romeo and Juliet actually doing when they are first talking to each other Kissing
Look closely at line 104 to 117 and nor rhyme scheme the number of line and rhythm what is another name for this dialogue Flirting
What is Juliet’s reaction to finding out Romeo’s identity Juliet is overcome with Anguish
What is Romeo’s reaction to finding out Juliet’s real identity Romeo is devastated
What form is the prologue for act two A sonnet
What are the first 12 lines of the prologue mean in one or two normal sentences The two families hatred will make it hard for them to find a time and place to let the relationship grow
According to this prologue what’s the driving force for Romeos and Juliet’s’s actions in this act Because their parents would not approve of the relationship it makes it more tempting to date because of reverse psychology
Where is Romeo during the speeches of Mercutio Benvolio how do you know Romeo is in the Capulet’s orchard talking to Juliet we know this because. Benvolio told Mercutio that he saw him jump over the orchard wall
Why is Romeo hiding from his friends He does not want to be found so he could see Juliet
How do we know the Mercutio and Benvolio don’t realize Romeo has found his new love Mercutio mocks Romeos feelings for Roseline
Given queen Mab speech and his thoughts in the scene describe Mercutios feelings about love Nonsensical fragile and corrupting
What is a sollioquie is a device often used in drama when a character speaks to himself or herself, relating thoughts and feelings, thereby also sharing them with the audience, giving off the illusion of being a series of unspoken reflections.[
What is the definition of the word wherefore Why
What does Juliet mean when she says wherefore art thou Romeo She’s upset that he’s on Montague because there are families are rivals which prevents their relationship from being public
What happened to Romeo Juliet’s kinsman find them there They will kill him
Why does Juliet not except Romeo swearing by the moon Because The moon goes through phases and she wants their love to be continuous
In real terms what can Romeo do to prove his love Marry Juliet
How is his relationship with Juliet different from his relationship with Rosalin Rosalins Romeo was immature well Romeos love with Juliet is unyielding
What does Romeo do next to prove his love for Juliet Propose to Juliet
What time is Julia supposed to send her nurse to meet Romeo later that day 9 o’clock
Where does Romeo go at the end of the scene To meet with friar Lawrence
What is friar Lawrence doing as he speaks Meditating
According to the soliloquy what is the great effectiveness about the plants herbs and stones on this page Foreshadows the friar Lawrence might provide the poison that Romeo uses to kill himself with
As an overall philosophy explain lines 22 and 21 All things can be used for both good and evil
What is so special about the peculiar flower friar Lawrence mentions on line 23 The flower can both help and hinder a person
Who does friar Lawrence assume was with Romeo all night what does he figure they have been doing and what would be his biggest problem if he were right Friar Lawrence assumes Romeo was with Rosalin he fears that they were having sex because if they were he would have to find a new nun
What changed Romeos mind about rosalin He realized that they won’t have a relationship
Why does friar Lawrence change his mind and agreed to perform the wedding ceremony He thinks it might end the feud ravaging the Montague’s and the Capulet’s
How does the last one echo something that Juliet set in the balcony scene Juliet wished that their families were not enemies
According to Benvolio what did Tybalt send to for the Montague immediately after the party A letter challenging Romeo to a duel
Look up Mercutio’s response carefully what are his exact words to the thought of Tybalt challenging Romeo Alas poor Romeo is already dead
Why does Mercutio feel like Romeo cannot answer Tybalt challenge Romeo be killed will be killed
How dose Mercutio feel about Tybalt Anger and dislike
What is Mercutio willing to do for Romeo Fight Tybalt
Why does Romeo have so much trouble talking to the nurse The nurse is very protective of Juliet
Explain each step of Romeos plan very carefully and clearly what part is the nurse to play in the plan Romeo has the nurse tell Juliet to find a way to attend confessions at friar Lawrence cell this afternoon there they will be married then then the nurse will go to wait in the alley for Romeo servant to bring the ladder for the nurse to set up so Romeo and Juliet could consummate marriage
What time is it at the beginning of the scene 5 act 2 9 o’clock at night
Describe Juliet’s mood at this point and decide if it is believable that she feels this way Juliet is extremely inpatient at this point it’s believable because she is finding out when she will get married
When the nurse returns how is she telling Julie at the news why is she like this The nurse pretends to be too tired to give Juliet the news and tells her in a joking way to increase the tension
How do you think you would feel at about the nurse at this moment if you were Juliet Yeah I would be extremely anxious and I’m kind of pissed at the nurse
What is Juliet’s reaction to the nurses news Juliet is thrilled
At the beginning of the scene what is Romeo’s attitude toward what might happen They will live happily together because their love for each other is so great
How is Romeo kind of Daring fate at this point of the scene why doesn’t he care The happiness he’ll get from their marriage will mask any unfortunate events
What is the philosophy on life is friar Lawrence advising in lines 9 through 20 Friar Lawrence sad to love moderately because if you love to intensely it’s life will burn out faster
If he leaves the two together alone before he weds what does friar Lawrence fear might happened on a spiritual level They will have premarital sex
If he leaves the two together alone before he weds what does friar Lawrence fear might happened on a public level as far as everyone is concerned People will find out about the relationship and the wedding will be called off
Where do the three go at the end of the scean To the altar where they will get married

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