Romeo and Juliet BEBS 10 Study Guide

True or false: Drama is a relatively new form of literature False
How is the reader the stage director of the play? The reader must envision costumes, sets, scenery, props, and actions
How did the Elizabethan stage affect the relationship of the actors with the audience? It put the audience and actors closer together
How did the Elizabethan stage producer show different actions at the same time? The use of balconies
True or false: In drama the author does not explicitly state his view of the characters in the play True
To whom did Shakespeare appeal? All
In what form of poetry did Shakespeare write most of Romeo and Juliet? Unrhymed iambic pentameter
True or false: Romeo and Juliet considers various choices that young people must make True
True or false: Shakespeare shows Romeo and Juliet in a respectable relationship True
Where did Shakespeare obtain his idea for Romeo and Juliet? From the Roman storyteller Ovid
Who is the chorus in Romeo and Juliet? An uninvolved narrator
Romeo and Juliet occurs when? 13th century
Which characters help direct the tone of the play as far as the reader’s attitude toward Romeo and Juliet? The friar and the Prince
What does Shakespeare mean when he calls Romeo and Juliet “a pair of star-cross’d lovers”? Their lives are ruled by fate instead of free will
What is the time and setting as Romeo and Juliet opens? Sunday morning in Verona
What precedes the first scene? A sonnet
Who is the ruler of Verona, Italy? Prince Escalus
As Romeo and Juliet opens, who is quarreling? Servants of the Montague and Capulet houses
Whom does Shakespeare present in Act I who is quick to fight? Tybalt
Which character in Act I is a contrast to Tybalt? Benvolio
Explain the comic incident in Act I, scene i. When Capulet and Montague enter ready to fight
How do Capulet’s and Montague’s wives react when their husbands want to fight? They scold them
What type of allusion does Romeo use when he says, “She hath Dian’s wit”? Classical
How does Benvolio propose that Romeo forget this one he loves? Look at other young ladies
What does Capulet mean when he says (Act I scene ii) “Tis not hard, I think,/ For men so old as we to keep the peace”? He wants the feud to end
How old is Juliet? 13
What are two reasons Capulet does not want Juliet to marry? She is too young and she’s his only heir
What is the first coincidence that occurs in Romeo and Juliet in Act I, scene ii? The Capulet servant can’t read
Who are dramatic foils, or opposites, of Juliet? Lady Capulet and the nurse
In Act I, scene iii, how is Lady Capulet a dramatic foil to Juliet? She’s older and she thinks physical appearance and wealth are important when considering a husband
How are Mercutio’s lines about the shallowness of dreams related to Romeo? Romeo is a vain dreamer
What theme is introduced as Romeo states, “I fear too early, for my mind misgives / Some consequence yet hanging in the stars”? Fate
How does Tybalt recognize Romeo at the Capulet’s feast? His voice
Why does Capulet entreat Tybalt to restrain his anger at the feast? He doesn’t want the party disturbed and Romeo has a good reputation
When does Romeo fall in love with Juliet? At first sight
What does Juliet mean when she says, “My only love sprung from my only hate”? A person from the hated family is now the one she loves
All of the action in Act I takes place on what day? Sunday
Romeo and Juliet’s first conversation in Act I, scene v, forms Shakespeare’s second sonnet. What is the central image in this sonnet? Pilgrims traveling to a shrine
What does Juliet show by granting Romeo’s request? Her mutual love
What do Act I and Act II have in common? They both begin with a sonnet
How many embedded sonnets does Romeo and Juliet contain? 3
In Act II, scene i, how does Romeo describe Juliet? As the center of his world
When Shakespeare says, “Her eye discourses,” he is using what literary comparison? Personification
According to Juliet, who or what is Romeo’s greatest enemy? His name
What is unique about Juliet’s soliloquy in Act II, scene ii? Romeo hears her
What is Shakespeare suggesting in II, ii, 65-68 when he says, “With love’s light wings did I o’erperch these walls, / For stony limits cannot hold love out, / And what love can do, that dares love attempt”? Love enables Romeo to accomplish impossible tasks
According to Romeo, what conceals him from others? Night’s cloak
Why does Juliet hesitate about Romeo? Their relationship has developed so quickly
When Juliet says, “My bounty is as boundless as the sea,” she is using what literary comparison? Simile
Why must Juliet leave Romeo in Act II, scene ii? The nurse is calling her
What is Romeo afraid of in relationship to what is happening between him and Juliet? That it’s a dream
What time do Romeo and Juliet plan to meet again at the end of Act II, scene ii? 9 a.m.
What is meant by the words, “Parting is such sweet sorrow”? Parting is very difficult
What is the setting and time of Act II, scene iii? Monday morning in Friar Lawrence’s cell
How is it that Romeo comes to Friar Lawrence’s so early? He hasn’t slept all night
What is Friar Lawrence’s fear after he finds that Romeo has been up all night? That he’s been with Rosaline all night
How did Rosaline feel about Romeo? She never returned his love
Why is Friar Lawrence happy about Romeo and Juliet’s relationship? He thinks it may end the feud
In Act II, scene iv, who or what does Mercutio think is driving Romeo “mad”? Rosaline
Who challenges Romeo in this scene? Tybalt
What was Shakespeare’s dramatic purpose in introducing the fact of Romeo’s being challenged to a duel? Foreshadowing
What statements does Mercutio make when he mocks Tybalt in Act II, scene iv? He says he’s like a cat, always ready to fight, and he took fencing lessons
What do Romeo’s friends mean in Act II, scene iv, when they say, “You gave us the counterfeit fairly last night “? He slipped away from them
What time does the Nurse return from finding Romeo for Juliet? Noon
How has Juliet waited for the Nurse’s return? Impatiently
How long does Juliet anticipate the Nurse’s being away on the errand to Romeo? 30 minutes
How does the Nurse feel about Romeo? She does not think he’s a perfect gentleman
As Act II, scene vi, opens Friar Lawrence is concerned about what? Heaven’s blessing
What two themes are embodied in Romeo’s following words? “But come what sorrow can, / It cannot countervail the exchange of joy / That one short minute gives me in her sight.”? Love and time
Where is the couple married? Offstage
When does the Friar leave Romeo and Juliet alone? After they’re married
What is the symbolism of the moon? Envy and fickleness
Why does Romeo not want to compare Juliet with the moon? He doesn’t want his love for Juliet to be like his love for Rosaline
Why does Juliet not want Romeo to swear by the moon? The moon changes
What are some example of comedy that Shakespeare uses in Act II? The nurse
From Benvolio’s comments in Act III, scene i, the audience can conclude that it is what season? Summer
Who accuses whom of being hot-headed? Mercutio and Benvolio accuse each other
Benvolio is actually a _________ Peacemaker
What is ironic about Mercutio’s accusing Benvolio of being quick tempered? Mercutio is actually the quick tempered one
Which suggestion is made by Benvolio concerning the argument between Tybalt and Mercutio? Leave and try to talk out your problems
What does Tybalt accuse Romeo of being? A villain
How does Romeo react to Tybalt’s insults? He doesn’t get angry
True or false: Romeo wants to fight Tybalt False
What does Mercutio compare Tybalt to? A cat
How does Romeo try to stop the fight? 1. He asks to Mercutio to put away his sword2. He reminds them of the Prince’s law3. He physically steps between them
What is ironic about Romeo’s efforts to stop the fighting between Tybalt and Mercutio? It causes Mercutio to get hurt and die
Why does Romeo try to stop the fight between Tybalt and Mercutio? He doesn’t want to hurt Juliet’s relative
How is Tybalt related to Juliet? He’s her cousin
What is the motivation for Romeo’s revenge? Mercutio’s death
Who tries to avoid the fight between Romeo and Tybalt? How does he do this? BenvolioBy trying to get Romeo to leave
Shakespeare indicates that Mercutio and Tybalt both died for what reason? Their own actions
Does old Capulet want revenge for his kinsman’s death? No
What happens to Romeo as a result of his killing Tybalt? He is banished
As the Nurse arrives at Juliet’s chamber in Act III, scene ii, what does she bring with her and why? A rope ladder for Romeo to climb
As the Nurse comes in to Juliet in Act III, scene ii, what does Juliet first assume? Romeo is dead
What does the Nurse do with the news about Tybalt’s death? She exaggerates
How does the Nurse feel about men after the incident with Romeo and Tybalt? She disparages all men
Where does Romeo wait for Juliet? At Friar Lawrence’s
How does the announcement by the Friar of Romeo’s sentence from the Prince affect Romeo? He says it is like death
Friar Lawrence reminds Romeo of at least three things. What are they? Romeo’s not thankful He is acting foolishly and like a woman
Why does Romeo believe Friar Lawrence cannot understand how he feels? The Friar is not young, not in love, not just married, not a murderer, and not banished
Friar Lawrence gives several reasons Romeo should be happy. List them. 1. Tybalt didn’t kill him2. Juliet is alive3. He is exiled, not executed
What does Friar Lawrence compare Romeo to? A woman and a beast
What revives Romeo’s spirit? The ring
What does Capulet promise Paris about Juliet? She will obey her father and marry Paris on Thursday
How do Capulet’s actions regarding Paris influence the play? Juliet has to do something quickly to avoid marrying Paris
In Act III, scene v, what does the lark represent? What does the nightingale represent? Lark- dayNightingale- night
What vision does Juliet think she sees as Romeo is at the bottom of her balcony? The vision of Romeo in a grave
What does Lady Capulet assume about Juliet’s weeping? That she’s grieving over Tybalt
What does Juliet think of Paris? She thinks he’s noble
When Juliet refuses to marry Paris, her parents react in what ways? 1. They wish she’d never been born2. They wish she was dead3. They think she’s proud
Who rebukes Capulet for scolding Juliet as he does? The Nurse
What does Juliet think of the advice the Nurse gives her in her predicament with Romeo and Paris? She thinks it’s betrayal
From whom does Juliet decide to seek advice? Friar Lawrence
In the last couplet of Act III, Juliet proposes that if all else fails she will do what? Commit suicide
When does most of Act III take place? Monday
How does Romeo show his immaturity in his reaction to the Prince’s decree? He would rather be deadHe can’t see the Prince’s mercyHe acts like a madmanHe won’t move to hide when someone comes He’s lying on the ground, crying He threatens to kill himself
What advice does the Friar give to Romeo before Romeo leaves Verona? Go to Juliet to comfort herLeave for Mantua before dawnStay in Mantua until marriage is announced and reconciliation is madeLet the Friar try to get a pardon from the Prince
Why has Paris come to visit Friar Lawrence? To make wedding plans
Why does Paris believe Capulet wants him to marry Juliet in such haste? To help console Juliet over Tybalt’s death
True or false: Paris and Juliet have arranged to meet at Friar Lawrence’s cell False
What is Juliet’s demeanor as she talks with Paris in scene i? Self- control
Why does Juliet act kindly to Paris in scene i? So he doesn’t suspect anything is wrong
Why does Juliet come to Friar Lawrence? To get help
What is Juliet’s immediate solution to her problem? To kill herself
How does Juliet react to Friar Lawrence’s plan to help her? Eagerly
What does Capulet do in preparation for the wedding? Hires cooksMakes a guest listSends a message to Paris
What does Juliet do when she returns home? Tells her father she’s been to see Friar Lawrence Tells her father she will marry Paris Asks for her father’s forgiveness
Why does Capulet change the wedding plans? So Juliet won’t back out
Does Lady Capulet want to change the wedding date from the original plan? Why or why not? No, there’s too much to do in too short a time
What does Lady Capulet offer Juliet on Tuesday evening? Help get ready for her marriage to Paris
What reason does Juliet give the Nurse for wanting to be alone? To pray
How does Juliet get the Nurse to leave her alone? Sends her to Lady Capulet to help prepare for the wedding
Why does Juliet have a dagger beside her bed? In case the poison doesn’t work – she can kill herself
Who does Juliet think might want to kill her and why? The Friar – because he might be dishonored if he married her to Paris after he had already married her to Romeo
In Juliet’s soliloquy in scene iii, what does she vividly express? Fear
What thoughts does Juliet have as she prepares to take the poison? The Friar may want her to dieThe potion may not work She might awake and be alone in the vault
What is Juliet afraid of if she awakens early in the vault? Suffocation
What does Juliet think she sees? Tybalt’s ghost
What is the mood of scene iv as the servants with Capulet prepare for the wedding? Humorous and comic
In scene iv who does Capulet send to awaken Juliet? The nurse
Identify the imaginative comparison Shakespeare uses in the following line: “Death lies in her like an untimely frost.” Simile
Which characters eulogize Juliet in her death? Paris, Lady Capulet, Capulet
What mood does Shakespeare present in scene v as Juliet’s death is discovered, and why does he do this? Humorous because the audience knows she’s not really dead
Friar Lawrence admonished the Capulets not to grieve over Juliet because of what reason? She is in heaven
By the end of Act IV, how many days have passed since the action of the play began? 4 (Sunday – Wednesday)
Explain the Friar’s plan for Juliet Go homeConsent to marry Paris Drink the potion after she lies down on Wednesday night (potion will slow her pulse and breath and take the color from her face)She will appear dead for 42 hoursParis will find her “dead”The Capulets will put her in their burial vaultFriar Lawrence will send another priest to tell Romeo what is going onRomeo and Friar Lawrence will be at the vault when she wakes up
On what day does Act V take place? Thursday
What does Romeo believe about his dream? It is a premonition of good things
Where is Romeo when Balthasar informs Romeo of Juliet’s death? Mantua
What example of dramatic irony occurs in scene i as Romeo is describing a dream in which he and Juliet are reunited? No sooner does Romeo dream about seeing Juliet than he finds out she is dead
Romeo asks Balthasar if he has what? A letter from the Friar
What does Romeo send his servant to do? Get transportation for him
Romeo decides to join Juliet by doing what? Poisoning himself
What reasons does Romeo give the Apothecary to gain his help? You look like you’re starving The law is not your friendYou are going to have to beg for a living
Why does the Apothecary hesitate to sell Romeo poison? He could be put to death if he is found out
Why does the Apothecary finally consent to help Romeo? Because he is so poor
What, according to Romeo, is the irony of the Apothecary’s exchanging poison for gold? Gold is “worse poison” than the poison itself
Romeo ends scene i referring to the poison as what? A means to bring him to Juliet
Friar Lawrence sent Friar John to do what? Take a message to Romeo
Why didn’t Friar John succeed in his errand? Officials quarantined the house where he was
Who is the first person to arrive at the Capulet monument? Paris
Who comes with him? The page
Why does he come? To put flowers on the grave
What does Paris tell his page to do? To put out their torchTo whistle if he hears anythingTo put his ear to the ground to hear anyone coming
What reason does Romeo give his servant for coming to Juliet’s grave? To take a ring she wears
Why does Romeo ask his servant to leave him alone at Juliet’s grave? He plans to kill himself and doesn’t want anyone there to stop him
Why does Balthasar not leave Juliet’s grave? He is concerned about the way Romeo looksHe suspects Romeo is up to something bad
Romeo gives Balthasar a letter to give to Romeo’s father the next morning. What does the letter say? Told about Romeo and Juliet’s love and marriageTried to remove blame from Friar Lawrence for the part he played
Why does Paris remain at Juliet’s grave? He doesn’t understand why Romeo has come
In what tone does Romeo talk with Paris as Paris first approached him in scene v? Kind, urges him to leave
What is true about both Romeo and Paris? They are willing to die for Juliet They are young They love Juliet
What is true of Paris? He persists in his love for Juliet He believes Romeo has come to hurt Juliet’s body He does not know of Romeo’s love for Juliet
Does Romeo want to fight Paris? No
What is Paris’s dying wish? That Romeo would lay him beside Juliet
What does Romeo compare Juliet’s grave to? A light
As Juliet lies in the vault, what does she look like? She still has colour in her face
How is Romeo going to honor Tybalt? By killing himself
What does Friar Lawrence bring with him to Juliet’s grave? Spade, crowbar, lantern
What did Balthasar dream as he slept waiting for Romeo? That Romeo and another man fought and Romeo killed the man
Who does Juliet see first when she awakens? Friar Lawrence
What is Friar Lawrence’s suggestion to Juliet in the final scene? To go to a nunnery
How does Juliet kill herself? With Romeo’s dagger
Why wasn’t Friar Lawrence in the Capulet vault when Juliet killed herself? He heard a noise outside and went to see what it was
The watchmen arrest whom in the graveyard? Balthasar and Friar Lawrence
Why did Lady Montague die? Over grief at her son’s being exiled
What does Montague mean when he says, “O thou untaught! What manners is in this, / To press before thy father to a grave?”? Romeo was not mannerly to die before his father did
At the tomb, who gives the Prince his account of what happens with the past events? Balthasar, Friar Lawrence, Paris’s Page
Does the Prince trust the Friar’s story? Yes
What does the Prince blame for the deaths of these young people? The hatred between the two families
How did the Prince have a personal loss because of these deadly actions? Two of his kinsmen, Mercutio and Paris, were killed
What does Romeo dream? That Juliet comes and finds him dead but revives him with a kiss
True or false: The Prince takes some blame for what has happened with so many deaths True

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