Romeo and Juliet Background Quiz Review

Drama A play that is written to be performed for a theatre, radio, pr television.
Conflict a serious disagreement or argument, the main struggle in a story or play
Plot the main events of a play, novel, movie, or similar work, presented by the writer in a sequence
Climax the most intense or important point of something, the highest point of interest
Resolution the part of the story in which the problems are solve and the action comes to a satisfying end. The part of the story when the conflict is resolved
How are plays organized? Acts which are further divided into scenes
What terms are used to describe the author of a play? Playwright and dramatist
Script The text of a play
Stage directions The instructions given to the actors about how a play is to be performed
Elements of a tragedy include: Tragic hero and tragic flaw
How do tragedies end? Tragic or with the downfall of a tragic hero
Elements of a comedy include: Having a happy or comic ending
Monologue A long, uninterrupted speech delivered by a character to other characters on stage.
Soliloquy A speech in which a character, alone on stage, reveals private thoughts that the audience is allowed to overhear.
Aside A brief remark a character makes to the audience rather than to other characters who are on the stage.
Chorus A group of observers who were part of the play but not part of the story.
What is a narrator in a play? The narrator replaces the chorus. The narrator is a personality or voice that comments on the story but does not participate in it.
External conflict A struggle against an outside force
Examples of external conflict include: Enemies, nature, pressures of society
Internal conflict A struggle posed by a character’s own beliefs, thoughts, or feelings
Protagonist The single main character
Antagonist The character who opposes the main character and creates conflict.
What are the four types of character? Flat, round, static, and dynamic
Flat character One-dimensional character; having only one quality
Round character A multi-dimensional character; has many qualities
Static character A character who remains the same; unchanging
Dynamic character A character that changes and grows
Stock figure A character who is often a flat, static character or a stereotype.
Direct characterization When the writer or author simply tells the audience about a character.
Indirect characterization When the writer shows the audience what a character is like through the character’s physical appearance, actions and behavior, reactions, and the character’s own words.
What are ways that dramatists develop characterization? Through punctuation showing emotion, stage directions and showing attitude, dialogue suggesting social class, and word choice showing relationships.
Where was Romeo and Juliet first performed? The Theatre
How was going to the theatre back then? It was very rowdy and loud with many people eating and conversing while the play went on.
Who might have been the first to play the role of Juliet? Why? A male, because back then they had an all-male cast since women weren’t allowed to perform on the Elizabethan stage.
When was Shakespeare born? Around 1564-1616
What era was Shakespeare born? During the Elizabethan Era
Where was Shakespeare born? Stratford-Upon-Avon, United Kingdom
Who was Shakespeare’s father? A successful merchant and the mayor of Stratford
Who was Shakespeare’s mother? The daughter of a gentry
What was Shakespeare’s social class? He was not an aristocrat or very educated
Where did Shakespeare move to and what began? He moved to London and started his acting career.
At about what age did Shakespeare write Romeo and Juliet? About age 30
Who did Shakespeare marry? Anne Hathaway
Why was Shakespeare’s writing so popular? Because his stories were derived from many earlier stories such as legends and myths. Also, he made his writing enjoyable with round characters and humor. Many people were accessible to his plays whether they were lower class or aristocrats.
What is the Shakespeare authorship question? The theory of whether or not Shakespeare really wrote the works that were attributed to him. People believe there might have been several authors.
Why does the Shakespeare authorship question theory exist? Because Shakespeare is an extremely famous writer which causes people to question him.
When was Romeo and Juliet written? In 1595
What is a source for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet? “The Tragical History of Romeus and Juliet” by Arthur Brooke.
How did Shakespeare’s version of Romeo and Juliet differ from his source’s version? Shakespeare’s version was more sympathetic and emotional than the version of his sources. He made the story more appealing by making the main characters more innocent.
Star-crossed lovers The term refers to any lovers whose affection for each other is doomed to end in a tragedy.

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