Romeo and Juliet ALL

How does Sampson begin the quarrel with Montague’s servants? by biting his thumb to insult them
What is Benvolio’s relationship to Romeo? he is Romeo’s first cousin and also good hearted best friend that cares for him very much
According to Romeo what vow has Rosaline taken? vow of chastity, so she will not be chased
How old is Juliet and when was she born? she is 13 years old, she was born July 31st, 1578
How do Benevolio and Romeo learn about the Capulets feasts? Capulets servant which was sent out with a list to invite the guests, he could not read and asked Romeo and Benvolio to read the names of the women on the list, the servant then told the two about the feast
Where does Juliet see Paris for the first time? at the masquerade banquet
How are Juliet and Tybalt related? he is juliets first cousin
According to Mercuitito, what creature visits people at night and influences their dreams? Queen Mab
Why does Tybalt send for his sword during the feast? he sees Romeo there and he is a Montague which has no right to be at a Capulets event
Which household is Romeo from? Montague
Which household is Juliet from? Capulet
How do Romeo and Juliet learn each others identity? through other people, after kissing at the feast, Romeo asks the nurse who Juliet’s mother is and when Romeo leaves Juliet asks the nurse who that was
What danger does Romeo risk in entering Capulets orchard? he is risking his life, if he is found he will be sent to death by Capulets
Why has Tybalt sent a letter to the Montague’s? because Romeo crashed the Capulets feasts and he wants to duel
What excuse does Juliet use for going to the Friars cell? she says she is going for confessions
How does Romeo plan to enter Juliet’s house? by using a rope ladder to her bedroom window
Why does Benvolio advise Mercutio to leave the streets of Verona? Mercutio is trying to start a fight, it’s extremely hot, and everyone is in a bad mood
How is Romeo punished for Tybalt’s death? he is to be banished from Verona to Mantua, and if he is caught in Verona he will be put to death
How does Friar help Romeo after he finds out that he will be banished? he lets Romeo hide in his cell, he tells him the news that he will not be killed only banished, and gives him reasons to be happy
What does Capulet threaten to do if Juliet refuses to marry Paris? to disown Juliet and not care if she starves in the streets
To whom does Juliet decide to go to for help after finding out she must marry Paris? goes to the Friar after she cannot trust the nurse because she wants her to marry Paris, she tells the nurse she is going to confessions
Why has Capulet moved up the wedding date? so Juliet could get over her grief of Tybalt’s death
Why was Juliet actually sad? Romeo was banished
What does the Friar give Juliet? A potion that will give her all the characteristics of being dead, but she will actually be alive
How will this potion help Juliet? She can pretend to be dead on the wedding day with Paris then go to Romeo
when and how is Juliet reconciled with her father? after returning from the Friars cell happy because she has a plan to see Romeo, Juliet apologizes to her father for her disobedience and agrees to marry Paris
What does Juliet plan to do if the potion does not work? to kill herself with a dagger
Where is Juliet to be buried? in the Capulets burial volt along with Tybalt
When is the wedding planned for? Thursday
what is the conflict? a Montague loves a Capulet, enemies have fallen in love with another
Who is Benvolio? he is the first cousin to Romeo, and nephew to Lord Montague, he is a good and caring person
Who is Lord Capulet? Juliets father
Who is Lady Capulet? Juliets mother
Who is the Nurse? servant to Juliet, she basically raised Juliet
Who is Peter? a servant to the nurse
Who is Sampson? servant to Capulet
Who is Gregory? servant to Capulet
Who is Potpan? servant to Capulet
Who is Lord Montague? Romeos father
Who is Lady Montague? Romeos mother
Who is Benvolio? first cousin to Romeo
Who is Balthasar? servant to Romeo
Who is Abraham? servant to Montague
Who is Escalus? prince of Verona
Who is Paris? young nobleman and kinsman to the Prince
Who is Page? servent to Paris
Who is Mercutio? friend to Romeo and kinsman to the prince
Who is Friar Lawrence? franciscan priests
Who is Friar John? franciscan priests
Who is Apothecary? pharmacists in Mantua
where does Romeo and Juliet take place? the fourteenth century, in Verona and Mantua, cities in northern Italy
Where has Romeo been in the start of the story? in the dark woods, but when the sun comes out he hides in the dark
How is Romeo before meeting Juliet? depressed and weak because he wants to be with Rosaline
What does Benvolio try to convince Romeo about Rosaline? to forget about her and go love other women
“By giving liberty to thin eyes; Examine other beauties.” Benvolio
What does Romeo think about Rosaline? it is the only person he will ever love
Why does Romeo want to go to the feasts? Rosaline is going
What is Lammas-tide? summer festival that occurs August first
what occasion what Juliet born on? Lammas-tide eve
What is a fortnight and odd days? two weeks and a couple of days
what month does this take place in? Mid-July 1591
When was the earthquake? it was eleven years ago 1580
Why was the nurse able to be a nurse? she gave birth the same day as Lady Capulet to her daughter Susan but she died so she had milk she could give to Juliet
Does the Nurse have a husband? no he passed away
what does the nurse wish to see Juliet? see her get married
How old is lady capulet and at what age did she have Juliet? she’s 26 and had Juliet at 13
What does Lady Capulet and the Nurse describe Paris as? the best looking man in Verona
what does Lady capulet compare Paris to? a book
Why does Lady Capulet want Juliet to marry Paris? he would make the family of Juliet even more wealthy
“Give me a torch. I am not for the ambling; being but heavy, I will bear the light” Romeo
What does Mercutio tell Romeo about love? play with love, if it isn’t good for you why be good to it
What does Romeo foreshadow about the party? that something would go wrong and someone will die
What is Queen Mab like? a tiny agate on a ring
What is Romeos hamartia? he has a tragic flaw of being a hopeless romantic he falls in love to easily, love has overtaken him
What does Romeo compare Juliet to by imagery in act 1? light
How is Tybalt characterized? a rude boy
who comes in while Romeo and Juliet are kissing? the nurse
How is Lady Capulet characterized? good lady, wise, and vitreous
“My grave is like to be my wedding-bed.” Juliet says this, a foreshadow saying that she will die if she gets married
How does Juliet realize the conflict? when she finds out that Romeo is a Montague
How many days was act 1? less than one day
“But soft, what light through yonder window breaks? It is the east and Juliet is the sun.’ A metaphor said by Romeo, comparing Juliet to the light
“With love’s light wings did I o’erperch these walls.” An example of Imagery emphasized by Romeo representing the uplifting nature of his love for Juliet with this visual image
“to be or not to be” speech An example of soliloquy which Romeo argues with himself about the value of life
When the Nurse says “confidence” instead of “conference” an example of malapropism
” He jests at scars that never left the wound” -Romeo
“Whats in a name? That which we call a rose By any other word would small as sweet;” Who said this and what does is mean? Juliet tells Romeo to change his name so they will not be forced enemies
Why was it hard for Romeo to get to get into the Capulet household? The orchard walls were very high
What will happen to Romeo if he is found going over the Capulets orchard? he will be murdered because he is a Montague
What do Romeo and Juliet plan to do before partying in act 2? Plan to communicate the next day, Juliet is going to send a messenger for when they will meet again
When Romeo goes to the Friar in act 2 what has he decided? that he will marry Romeo that day
what is Friars reaction to Romeo wanting to marry Juliet? he is shocked because he knew he was madly in love with Rosaline
“Women may fall when theres no strength in men” who says this and why Friar Laurence says this calling Romeo weak, after Romeo tells him he is in love with Juliet after dwelling over Rosaline
Does Friar agree with Romeos love? yes
“Wisely and slow; they stumble and run fast.” who says this and what does it mean Friar says this explaining to Romeo rushing a relationship will make the relationship not turn out right
Why does Friar think the wedding between the enemies is a good idea? because it will reunite the two fighting households bringing them alliances
Where did Mercutio last see Romeo in act 2? on the way to the party
Why did tybalt send a letter to Montague? about Romeo crashing the party and that he wants to duel with him
What does Mercutio notice in Romeo after he’s been with Juleit his attitude has changed
What does Mercutio call a streetwalker or “hooker?” the nurse
What is Romeos plan to go to Juliet? get Julietgo to the roomand for the nurse to leave a rope ladder
How is the Nurse when she returns with news from Romeo? she takes forever to give the message to Juliet
“The clock struck nine when I did send the nurse; In half an hour she promised to return.” Juliet
What is Juliet’s plan to marry Romeo? go to the church for confessions, but she is actually going for the Friar to marry her and Romeo
“Then hie you hence to Friar Laurences cell, There stays a husband to make you a wife” Nurse
Who is waiting at the Friars cell for Juliet? Romeo
“These violent delights have violent ends, And in their triumph die, like fire and powder, Which as they kiss consume.” Friar Laurence (foreshadow)
What is act 3? The crisis
At the start of act 3 which two deaths have happened? Mercutio and Tybalt
Why won’t Romeo fight Tybalt? because he loves him since he is married to Juliet
“Then hie you hence to Friar Laurences cell, There stays a husband to make you a wife” Nurse
“A plague o’both your houses! I am sped. Is she gone, and hath nothing?” who said it and what does it mean? Mercutio he is cursing both of them Tybalt for fighting and Romeo for getting in the way
Who tries to stop the fight between Tybalt and Mercutio? Benvolio and Romeo
Why does Mercutio fight Tybalt? Tybalt was rude to Romeo and Mercurio is fighting for Romeo
What happens when Romeo finally mans up to Tybalt? Romeo kills Tybalt
Who does Mercutio blame for his death? Romeo for getting in the way
who killed Mercutio? Tybalt
Why was it technically ok for Romeo to kill Tybalt? the law would have killed him anyway, Romeo took the law into his own hands
What is Romeo’s punishment for killing Tybalt? Romeo is banished to Mantua, where he must not return and if he does he will be exiled
When the nurse brings news from Romeo, how does she describe how Romeo is? she acts like Romeo is dead
Why is Juliet sad? Romeo is banished, not because Tybalt is dead
Vile creature that looks so beautiful just opposition what you seem example of an oxymoron
What does the Nurse take to Romeo from Juliet? a ring and a message that she wants him to come to her before he leaves
“Oh find him! Give this rind to my future knight and tell him to come to say his last good-bye.” Juliet
How does Romeo feel about being exiled? he is depressed and thinks its worse than dying because he won’t be with Juliet
What does Romeo describe anything that is around Juliet as? anything around her is in heaven
What does Romeo consider since he will be banished from Verona? he considers suicide
“O, he is even in my mistress case, Just in her case! O woeful sympathy! Piteous predicament! Even so lies she, Blubb’ring and weeping, weeping and Blubb’ring. Stand up, stand up; stand an you be a man. For Juliets sake, for her sake, rise and stand; Why should you fall into so deep an O? Nurse(saying both kids are depressed)
“Thy tears are womanish; thy wild acts denote The unreasonable fury of a beast. Unseemly women is a seeming man,” Friar Laurence ( Calling Romeo a women and weak)
Where is Romeo being sent to? Mantua
What is Friars plan for Romeo after he must leave Verona? Go see Romeo, then leave to Mantua before the day breaks, stay in Mantua, Friar will find a servant, and he will tell Romeo when good things happen in Verona, and when he can return
How does Romeo feel about the ring given to him by Juliet? he feels comforted by it
“These times of woe afford no times to woo. Madam, good night; comment me to your daughter.” Paris(saying he will marry Juliet)
When is Juliet planned to marry Paris? Thursday
What does lady capulet want to do to Romeo since he killed Tybalt? she want to poison him by sending someone to Mantua so he can die
What do Juliets parents think the wedding will do to Juliet? they think it will cheer her up, but it won’t
How does Juliets father treat her after she refuses to marry Paris? he verbally abuses her and threatens to disown her not caring if she starves in the streets
Who does the Nurse want Juliet to marry? Paris, not Romeo
What is act 5? the falling action
Why does Paris think Capulet has rushed the wedding day? to cure Juliets grief of Tybalts death
“If, in thy wisdom, thou canst give no help, DO thou but call my resolution wise, And with this knife I’ll help it presently” Juliet (give me remedy or I will kill myself)
What does Juliet think the Friar might be doing to her with the potion? trying to kill her because he is a victim of marrying her and Romeo and he could get in trouble
What does the Friar tell Juliet about the pain of his plan? if your strong enough to kill yourself your strong enough for my plan
how does Juliet feel if she has to marry Paris she wants to kill herself