Romeo and Juliet Acts IV and V

When Act IV opens, Paris has been arranging with Friar Laurence for his wedding to Juliet. Why does Juliet come to the friar’s cell? Juliet has come for a solution to her problem, one that will get her out of this wedding.
According to Friar Laurence’s plan, what will Juliet do so that she will not have to go through with the marriage to Paris? She will drink a POTION (in a vial) which will make her appear to be dead for 42 hours
How is Romeo supposed to find out about this plan? Friar John will deliver the message to Romeo in Mantua
According to the friar’s plan in pg. 1394-1395, how will Romeo and Juliet be reunited? They will be reunited when Romeo comes to the tomb as Juliet wakes up on Thursday
In Scene ii, what does Juliet say to her parents to indicate that she agrees to marry Paris? (Paraphrase) Juliet agrees to be the obedient daughter her parents want her to be.
What plans change? The wedding is moved from Thursday to Wednesday
In Scene iii, list the things Juliet worries about before she drinks the contents of the vial? Mixture might be a deadly poison, She’ll wake up to soon and suffocate in the tomb, and that Romeo won’t be there when she wakes up
In Scene iv, what is going on in the Capulet household? Final preparations for the wedding
In Scene v, what does the audience know that the actors do not? Juliet is alive
What are the contrasting ceremonies that are planned in Act IV? Juliet’s wedding and funeral
In your own words (paraphrase), tell what the Friar says to comfort the grieving Capulets and Paris on pg. 1407-1408? Juliet is happy now because she is in a better place, so you shouldn’t grieve.
In your own words, why is Romeo happy in the beginning of Act V? Romeo believes in dreams and he has just had a good dream, so he thinks something good is about to happen.
Act V begins in Mantua. What news does Romeo’s servant bring? Balthasar says that Juliet is dead and buried in the Capulet’s tomb
For what reason does Romeo visit the apothecary in Scene i? To buy a poison
In Scene ii, why was the letter from Friar Laurence not delivered to Romeo? Friar John had been placed in quarantine because the health officials believed that the other friar he had been traveling with may have caught the plague and could have passed it to him since he had been working with the sick.
In Scene iii, what is Paris doing in the churchyard late at night? Putting flowers on Juliet’s grave
How does Balthasar disobey Romeo? Romeo tells Balthasar to leave in peace but Balthasar stays because he is concerned for his master
What is thought to be the cause of Juliet’s death? She died of grief over Tybalt’s death
What does Paris imagine Romeo intends to do when Romeo opens the tomb? Romeo means to desecrate the tomb
When Paris tries to arrest Romeo, what does Romeo try to do? Get Paris to leave
How does Paris die? Romeo stabs him killing him
Who goes for help? Balthasar
What does Romeo do with Paris’ body? Buries it with Juliet
What amazes Romeo in lines 85-105 pg. 1423-1424? How Juliet still looks like she’s alive
What does the audience know that Romeo doesn’t? Juliet isn’t dead
What does Friar Laurence find at the tomb’s entrance? Paris’ body
When Juliet wakes, she finds the friar at her side. What bad news does he tell her? Romeo is dead as well as Paris
Why does she kiss Romeo? To see if she can poison herself with any remnants of poison left on Romeo’s lips
What weapon does Juliet use for her own death? Romeo’s dagger
Who tells the facts to Prince Escalus? Friar Laurence
At the end of the play, what effect do the acts have on the feud? The feud is over
What do the fathers plan to do? Build statues of Romeo and Juliet to honor of Romeo and Juliet to honor them and remind them of the futility of a feud
What is dramatic irony? When the audience knows something the characters do not?
Name an example of dramatic irony in Acts IV and V? Everyone thinks Juliet is dead but the audience knows she is alive.
What is the order of the 6 deaths? Mercutio, Tybalt Lady Montague, Paris, Romeo, Juliet
How long does the play last and on what days does it take place? Lasts for 4 days and takes place from Sunday to Wednesday
What characteristics make up a tragic hero/heroine? A tragic flaw, A victim of a cruel twist of fate, A high social status
Are Romeo and Juliet tragic heroes? Yes
Who does Romeo blame for his death? Fate
What does Juliet threaten to do if Friar Laurence has no solution to her problem? Kill herself