Romeo and Juliet Acts IV and V

If he can’t help her, she will kill herself to be true to Romeo and she will do anything to avoid marrying Paris What does Juliet tell the Friar?
He will give Juliet a potion that will make her seem dead, then he and Romeo will go to the crypt and Romeo and Juliet will go to Mantua What plan does the Friar set out?
Juliet said she’d get married to Paris and she apologized for her willfulness Why is Lord Capulet happy?
To commit suicide with a dagger If the potion doesn’t work, what is Juliet’s plan?
He might want to kill her and gave her the poison to save his reputation as a holy man What suspicion about the Friar does Juliet voice?
She might be stuck awake in the tomb before Romeo gets there What worry occupies Juliet’s mind before she drinks the potion?
Being a woman chaser What does Capulet’s wife accuse him of?
They’re about to have a feast What does the action in the Capulet home indicate?
They’re shocked. Her mother says that she’ll die, too. Her father said he lost his daughter and son-in-law and his heir is death How to the mother and father react tot he news of Juliet’s “death”?
Yes Does Juliet’s mother and father’s grief seem sincere about her “death”?
He says that she’s in heaven How does the Friar try to comfort Juliet’s parents?
To lighten the somber mood and introduce a lighter moment Hoe do you suppose the comic relief with Peter and the musicians is supposed to function in the play?
Balthasar Who arrives in Mantua to give Romeo some news?
He says that Juliet is dead What news does the messenger to Romeo bring?
He bribes a starving pharmacist with 40 pieces of gold How is Romeo able to purchase the illegal poison?
There was an outbreak of disease and he was confined in a house he visited Why was Friar John not able to go to Mantua and deliver Friar Lawrence’s message to Romeo?
He will get Juliet out of the vault and bring her back to his cell for Romeo What revision does Friar Lawrence make in his plan?
Scattering flowers and paying his respects What is Paris doing at the crypt?
Money What does Romeo give Balthasar?
Live, be prosperous, and go away What does Romeo tell Baltasar to do?
He’s suspicious that Romeo will do something bad Why doesn’t Balthasar do what Romeo tells him to do?
He calls the crypt the jaws of a monster and says that he will force the jaws open and add one more morsel of food What metaphor does Romeo create regarding the crypt?
He was going to kill himself and add himself to the rest of the bodies in the crypt What was the meaning of Romeo’s metaphor regarding the crypt?
Paris wanted to arrest him, but Romeo wanted Paris to go away. Romeo fought anyways because he was intent on killing himself Why do Paris and Romeo fight, even though Romeo has no wish to fight anyone?
He laid Paris in the tomb next to Juliet because Paris requested it before he died What act of compassion does Romeo perform for Paris?
A greater power Who or what does the Friar say thwarted their plans?
He would cloister her by hiding her in a convent with nuns How does the Friar hope to resolve the mess after Romeo dies and Juliet is assumed dead?
He hears a noise, doesn’t want to be found, and runs away When Juliet refuses to leave, what does the Friar do?
She stabs herself with Romeo’s dagger and dies What does Juliet do in the crypt when she wakes up?
She died out of grief because of Romeo’s banishment What happened to Romeo’s mother?
Arbitrating Deciding; judging
Culled Chosen; selected
Distraught Upset; distressed
Entreat Plead; ask for
Immoderately Wastefully; extravagantly
Inundation Flood; outpouring
Pensive Thoughtful; reflective
Prostrate Flat; prone
Resolution Solution to a problem
Solace Find relief
Spited Acted maliciously or with ill will
Surcease Suspend; pause
Supple Flexible; pliant
Abhorred Hated; despised
Apprehend Arrest; take into custody
Canopy Covering; protection
Contempt Scorn; disdain
Disperse Scatter; distribute
Inexorable Unmovable; relentless
Interred Buried; shut in
Penury Poverty; destitution
Presage Predict; foretell
Remnants Remains; leftovers
Righteous Virtuous; moral
Steeped Soaked; covered in liquid
Wretchedness Anguish; torment