Romeo and Juliet Acts 2 and 3

Act 2 Prologue Romeo forgets about Rosaline and is drawn to Juliet, his enemy, instead.
Act 2 Scene 1 Romeo runs away from Benvolio and Mercutio to see Juliet. They look for Romeo and tease him when they find him.
What are the factors working against their relationship? Their households are in a feud
Why has Romeo left his friends? Why do Mercutio and Benvolio take the time to search for him? What form does their teasing take? Romeo leaves to see Juliet, they search for Romeo because they see him leave. The friends tease Romeo about Rosaline.
Why is this scene set in the dark? This represents secrecy.
Act 2 Scene 2 Romeo sneaks out to Juliet’s balcony and together they decide to get married
What does Romeo mean when he says,”He jests at scars that never felt the wound”? Romeo means that it’s easy to joke about things you don’t have experience in.
Where does Romeo first see Juliet?How does he describe her?What is her position on the stage? Romeo sees Juliet on the balcony and he describes her as the sun.
As Juliet speaks, what lines indicate the seriousness of her love? How does she answer her own question, “What’s in a name?” What sacrifice is Romeo willing to make? What does she promise him? Her willingness to give up her family shows her seriousness. She says that Romeo would still be Romeo if that wasn’t his name. Romeo promises to change his name to be with her.
How does Juliet feel when she discovers that Romeo has been listening? Do the lovers sense the danger they are in? Juliet is embarrassed that he’s been listening. Romeo says the darkness of the night will protect them.
How does Juliet seem more practical than Romeo? Juliet tells Romeo not to swear on his love because things change
Why does Romeo seek out a priest at the end of the scene? Romeo seeks out a priest to marry Juliet.
Act 2 Scene 3 Romeo tells Friar Lawrence that he’s in love with Juliet and that they plant to get married. He agrees to marry the two because it might bring love to the feud.
What is Friar Lawrence doing as the sun is rising? What comparisons does he make between the good and evil on earth and the good and evil in man? Friar is picking medicine plants. He says that there is nothing more evil on Earth that does not provide the Earth with something special.
Why does the Friar worry about the early appearance of Romeo? What are Friar’s feelings about the relationship between Romeo and Rosaline? Why does he scold Romeo for his sudden change of heart? Why is he willing to help? The friar is worried that something is wrong with Romeo. He doesn’t like the relationship between him and Rosaline, he’s upset because Romeo found another girl to obsess over. The Friar is willing to help because it may stop the feud.
How would you characterize Friar Lawrence? What is his relationship to Romeo? He is like a father to Romeo. He is the equivalent of the Nurse to Juliet.
Act 2 Scene 4 Nurse looks for Romeo, while Mercutio messes with her and takes advantage. Mercutio worries Romeo and Tybalt will fight. When Romeo sees his friends, he’s in a good mood because he’s in love with Juliet.
Mercutio is worried about Tybalt. Why? Mercutio is worried about Tybalt because he knows that he is violent and will fight.
How are Romeo’s spirits when he meets his two friends? Why is he in such a mood? Romeo is in a pleasant mood becaus he’s in love with Juliet.
How do Mercutio and the Nurse react to each other? Is Mercutio taking advantage of an old lady? Mercutio and the Nurse are being mean to each other. He is taking advantage of the fact that she’s a maid and female.
Act 2 Scene 5 Juliet waits for the Nurse to give news about Romeo, and finally the Nurse tells her Romeo is waiting to marry Juliet. Juliet says she’s going to confession, but sneaks off to marry him.
Why is Juliet worried about the lateness of the Nurse? What is Juliet’s attitude toward the Nurse? How does she treat the nurse? Juliet is worried because she wants to know Romeo’s thoughts on the marriage. Juliet is impatient towards the nurse. She calls the nurse old but then cares for her back.
How does the nurse drive Juliet “Mad” with impatience for her news? Is the Nurse deliberately unkind? What news does she finally relate, and how does she propose to help the lovers? The Nurse tries to avoid the subject and takes a while before responding to Juliet’s question. No, the nurse is not deliberately unkind. The Nurse tells Juliet she shall marry Romeo the next day and will help by getting a rope ladder.
Act 2 Scene 6 Romeo begs the Friar to marry them, but the Friar is hesitant because violent delights have violent ends. The lovers give a small speech to express their love and the scene ends with them about to be married.
How does Romeo express himself to the Friar about his forthcoming marriage? Romeo tells him that no matter what misfortunes occur as long as he is married to his love he will be joyful.
What is the meaning of the speeches the lovers make to each other before the marriage? The meaning is to profess their love to each other and to prove that they truly love and are meant to be together.
Is the Friar convinced that Romeo and Juliet are in love? How do you know this? In what way does the Friar’s advice to Romeo place a touch of gloom on this scene? No. Friar says violent delights have violent ends. He thinks that they are rushing into it. It puts a touch of gloom in the scene because marriage is supposed to be a happy time and he is in a way predicting a violent end.
Act 3 Scene 1 Mercutio and Tybalt fight, Mercutio dies, Romeo fights Tybalt and Tybalt dies. Lady Capulet wishes death on Romeo, but the Prince decides on banishment.
What comment does Mercutio make on Benvolio’s temper in this scene? Were both Mercutio and Benvolio “spoiling for a fight”? Was Tybalt? mercutio says benvolio’s temper is angry and mad. yes, they were spoiling for a fight.
How does Romeo behave when challenged by Tybalt? Why is he acting this way? How does this lead to a fight between Mercutio and Tybalt? Romeo says that he loves tybalt and did nothing to harm him when tybalt wanted to fight, romeo wanted peace. mercutio and tybalt fight after because mercutio got mad.
Why does Romeo feel responsible for Mercutio’s death? Explain Mercutio’s cry, “A plague on both your houses, I am sped.” What does Romeo mean when he says, “I am fortune’s fool.” Why does he leave after he has slain Tybalt? romeo is responsible for his death because mercutio was stabbed under his arm and was stabbed. Mercutio says a plague on both your families. Romeo leaves after tybalt dies
Who explains Romeo’s actions to the Prince? Is the version accurate? Why is the Prince personally affected by the violence? In what way do Lady Capulet’s words reflect the hatred that exists in Verona? Is the Prince’s judgment upon Romeo surprising? benvolio explains to the prince that Romeo killed Tybalt. The prince is personally affected because mercutio is his relative. Lady Capulet says romeo should be killed so this strengthens the hatred. The Prince’s judgement is surprising because Romeo is just banished not killed.
Why is the death of Tybalt a major turning point in the lives of Romeo and Juliet? What part did luck or fate play in the duel? In what way is the weather in Scene 1 related to the actions occurring in this scene? Tybalt’s death was a major turning point because Tybalt is juliet’s cousin and romeo killed him. This is bad for Romeo because he thinks his marriage will be separated.The weather plays a big role in this scene because it is very hot outside and when it is very hot people become easily agitated.
Act 3 Scene 2 Juliet learns that Romeo has been banished, though she thinks he’s dead at first. Juliet then realizes Tybalt is dead and not Romeo. She’s upset and wants to find Romeo to comfort her.
In her opening soliloquy what reasons does Juliet give for preferring night to day? In the night, Juliet can be with Romeo.
What does the Nurse’s way of telling Juliet the terrible news reflect her Loyalty to the Capulets? Juliet does not understand the Nurse’s news. What mistake does Juliet make? The Nurse talks badly of Romeo; this reflects her Loyalty to the Capulets. Juliet thinks that Romeo is dead.
Does the nurse really mean that,” Tybalt was the best friend I ever had”? Why does she claim this? Why doesn’t she mention Mercutio’s murder? I think that the Nurse is just exaggerating about how “Tybalt was the best friend I ever had.” She is trying to say that Tybalt will be missed. The Nurse does not mention Mercutio’s murder because she is trying to make it look like Romeo killed Tybalt for no reason to make Juliet stop loving him.
How does Juliet react at first to the knowledge of Romeo’s slaying of Tybalt? What does she say when the Nurse speaks badly of Romeo? In what way does she show that her love for Romeo is mature and not changeable? Juliet says that evil things are hidden in beautiful looking people. She says to the Nurse to never say anything bad about Romeo. This shows that she is willing to forgive Romeo because she loves him.
How does the Nurse save Juliet from despair? What information does she have for Juliet? The Nurse tells Juliet that she will find a way for Romeo to comfort Juliet.
Act 3 Scene 3 Romeo thinks death is better than banishment because he can’t stand to be away from Juliet. Friar Lawrence helps him realize how lucky he is. The Nurse gives Romeo a wedding ring from Juliet and he goes to see her.
How does Romeo react to the news of his banishment? Why does Friar Lawrence feel that Romeo’s attitude shows ingratitude? Romeo says that exile is much worse than death. Friar Lawrence says that the Prince is being kind but Romeo is not realizing it.
Romeo tells why his banishment is torture and not mercy. Why is it so to him? Why is he angry at the friar? He says it is torture because he won’t have Juliet and won’t be able to kiss her. He is angry because Friar is acting like he should be grateful for being banished.
What news of Juliet does the nurse bring to the Friar’s cell? How does Juliet’s grief affect Romeo? How is he stopped from suicide? The Nurse says that Juliet is weeping constantly. Romeo also wants to suffer if she is also suffering. He is stopped because Friar tells Romeo a plan so he can be married and come back to Verona.
What are the three reasons that the Friar gives to prove to Romeo that he has cause to be happy and to live? Juliet is alive, he is alive, and he was only exiled instead of killed.
How does the Friar hope to achieve a “happy ending” for the lovers? He hopes that Romeo can go to Mantua, and then marry Juliet publicly so that the feud will end. The prince will then pardon Romeo, and Verona will welcome him back.
Act 3 Scene 4 Capulet wants to rush the wedding of Juliet and Paris to make it a happier time. The Friar had already promised to marry Romeo and Juliet but Capulet had already promised Paris that he’d marry Juliet.
What is Capulet’s attitude toward the death of Tybalt as he mentions it to Count Paris? What promise does he make to Paris? Why do you think he has changed his plan and decided to rush matters? How does this affect the Friar’s plan? The Capulet’s seem depressed about Tybalt’s death. He promises Juliet and Paris will get married. He rushes it because he doesn’t want people to think they don’t care about Tybalt’s death. This affects Friar’s plan because Romeo and Juliet are already married.
Act 3 Scene 5 Romeo and Juliet say goodbye on her balcony as Lady Capulet and Capulet tell Juliet she has no choice but to marry Paris. Juliet cries and seeks comfort in the Nurse, who refuses to be apart of her scheme.
What type of bird does Juliet hear? What type of bird does Romeo hear? Why does he finally leave? What does he mean when he says, “More light and light – more dark and dark our woes!”? As Romeo leaves, what feelings about the future do Juliet’s words express? Juliet hears a nightingale while Romeo hears a lark. Romeo leaves because it will soon be daytime, and he could be seen. Romeo means that when it is nighttime they don’t have to worry about being caught, but when it is daytime they have to be very careful not to be seen together. The lighter it becomes, the more they have to worry about. Juliet is sad and afraid because she doesn’t know if they will be able to see each other again.
How does Lady Capulet interpret Juliet’s weeping and grief? How does Juliet manage to appear loyal as a Capulet and at the same time express her love for Romeo? What excuse does she give her mother for refusing to marry Paris? How does Capulet react to his daughter’s refusal to marry Paris? Lady Capulet believes that Juliet is mourning Tybalt’s death, when she is really crying because of Romeo’s banishment. Juliet remains loyal but also expresses her love for Romeo because she doesn’t reveal the real reason for her sadness. Juliet tells her mother that she will not marry Paris because he hadn’t courted her. When Capulet learns of this, he becomes extremely angry with her and threatens to disown her.
Why does Lady Capulet turn against her daughter even though she realizes Capulet is talking like a madman? Why does the Nurse abandon Juliet? What reasons does she give to Juliet for no longer supporting her marriage to Romeo? What do you think Juliet means when she says, “Amen!”? Where is the only place left for her to go? Lady Capulet turns against Juliet because she has to go along with Capulet. The Nurse abandons her because she believes that Paris is better match for her than Romeo. Juliet is upset and finished with everyone in her family, so the only place left for her to go is Friar Lawrence’s cell.

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