Romeo and Juliet Acts 1&2

What’s humorous about the way the Nurse treats Juliet in scene 5? The Nurse is deliberately stalling to annoy Juliet.
What is the main point of Act 2 scene 6? Romeo and Juliet get married and Friar warns Romeo to slow down on his love to make it last.
Where does Romeo and Juliet take place? It takes place in Verona, Italy
What does the phrase “to carry coils” mean? It was take an insult because carrying coils is the work of miners, and miners were considered low classes.
Why does it make the play more enjoyable if the people already know the outcome? The people would be able to see the play from a different perspectives of the characters in real life rather than reading it.
In Shakespearean times, what did the phrase “biting your thumb” taken advantage? It is taken as an insult.
Is Benvolio related to Romeo, if so how? Yes, Benvolio is Romeo’s cousin
As Act 1 scene 1 has progressed, How has Romeo been spending his time? He has been locked in his room being moody
What does Romeo think about love? Love can be troublesome or sad
How did Tybalt recognize Romeo? By Romeos voice
How did Romeo and Juliet figure out each other’s last name? The nurse
What does the prologue in act 2 say what happened to Romeo’s love for Rosaline? His love is dead and buried
In your own words tell us what Juliet’s speech was about in scene 2. Romeo why did you have to be a Montague, go against your family and change your name if you love me.
Romeo Main character, male, a MONTAGUE, in love with Juliet after the first sight
Juliet Main character, female, a CAPULET, in love with Romeo
Samson Coward, CAPULET
Abraham A servant of MONTAGUE
Tybalt Wanted to throw Romeo out of the ball CAPULET
The prince Neither, threatens with execution if the fighting doesn’t stop
Paris CAPULET, asks to marry Juliet.
Benvolio MONTAGUE, cousin of Romeo
Lady Capulet CAPULET, mother of Juliet, wants Juliet to marry a noble man
Capulet CAPULET, dad of Juliet, will let Juliet decide who she wants to marry.
Montague MONTAGUE, dad of Romeo
Gregory CAPULET, told Samson he is a coward
Lady Montague MONTAGUE, Romeo’s mom
Balthazar MONTAGUE
Rosaline CAPULET, wants to be a nun. Romeo’s old love
Friar Neither, priest who will wed Romeo and Juliet
Nurse CAPULET, servant to Juliet (mother figure)
Mercutio MONTAGUE, Kings man of Prince, Romeo’s friend
What suit does Paris bring to Capulet in scene 2? Pursuit of Juliet
What is Juliet’s father’s thought of Juliet getting married? He will not force her into it but tells Paris to wait because she is too young.
Why is the Capulet’s servant mad about getting the invitation list for the party? He cannot read
Why does Benvolio want to crash the party and why does Romeo agree? Benvolio wants Romeo to see other girls and Romeo goes to see Rosaline
Does Lady Capulet want Juliet to love Paris? Yes, she says Juilet would be a beautiful cover to to his book.
Who is Queen Mab? She is a fairy that gives dreams to people.
What does Romeo say about dreams? The can predict the future
What does Romeo say about this latest dream? He will die young