Romeo and Juliet Acts 1 and 2

romeo’s dream tht night foreboding – apprehension
what do these dreams reveal about romeo belief in fate and dreams and love
how big is queen mab? who tells us this? mercutio/ no bigger than an agate stone
queen mab drawing parts cricket’s bone as wand/gnat as driver/ spinners’ legs and spider web as wheels/ empty hazel nut as carriage
lovers dream of love
courtiers are ppl who go to courtrooms and bow to show respect to others to earn favors
courtiers dream of #1 bowing straight
lawyers dream of fees – money
ladies dream of kisses
courtiers dream of #2 gaining money by helping someone in court
parson dreams of source of income; a paid position in church
soldier dreams of cutting throats
is queen mab the queen of good or bad dreams both
what does mercutio think of dreams he doesnt believe in them/ he believes dreams take away power/ he believes ppl control what they dream and how they interpret them/ sees dreams as destructive/ doesnt find dreams important
mercutio is what kind of person ill-tempered, quick to be agitated, realistic, cynical, kinsman to the prince, great at puns, jokes a lot

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