Romeo and Juliet Acts 1 and 2

the sonnet: 2 main types the petrarchan/italian sonnet and the shakespearean/english sonnet
how many lines does a sonnet have? 14
Iambic pentameter: is a ___ verse if it is both stressed and unstressed
iambic pentameter has ___ syllables per line? 10
the sonnet contains what kind of rhyme pattern? definite
the sonnet contains another word for turn volta
the shakespearean sonnet pattern flexible and simplest
what is a quatrain 4-lined stanzas
how many quatrains does an english sonnet have 3 followed by a rhyming couplet
couplet def. 2 lines that conclude
what do each of these units have? a diff. set of rhymes and slightly diff. image or thought
usual rhyme scheme is ABAB CDCD EFEF GG/ A thru F is the quatrain/ GG is the couplet
placement of volta is flexible
meter the pattern of unstressed and stressed syllables
stress the accenting of a syllable
verse (poetry) is distinguished from prose as it is -more compressed, more regularly rhythmic
the dream of rosaline to be w/her
romeo’s dream tht night foreboding – apprehension
what do these dreams reveal about romeo belief in fate and dreams and love
how big is queen mab? who tells us this? mercutio/ no bigger than an agate stone
queen mab drawing parts cricket’s bone as wand/gnat as driver/ spinners’ legs and spider web as wheels/ empty hazel nut as carriage
lovers dream of love
courtiers are ppl who go to courtrooms and bow to show respect to others to earn favors
courtiers dream of #1 bowing straight
lawyers dream of fees – money
ladies dream of kisses
courtiers dream of #2 gaining money by helping someone in court
parson dreams of source of income; a paid position in church
soldier dreams of cutting throats
is queen mab the queen of good or bad dreams both
what does mercutio think of dreams he doesnt believe in them/ he believes dreams take away power/ he believes ppl control what they dream and how they interpret them/ sees dreams as destructive/ doesnt find dreams important
mercutio is what kind of person ill-tempered, quick to be agitated, realistic, cynical, kinsman to the prince, great at puns, jokes a lot
romeo(believer) and mercutio(non-believer) are foils
romeo(head in clouds) and juliet(realist) are foils
where is the play set verona
is juliet a capulet or montague capulet
tybalt is juliets cousin
peter nurses servant
cousin capulet juliets kinsman
paris princes kinsman/wants to marry juliet
sampson, gregory, and clown capulet servants
pertruchio tybalts friend
escales prince of verona
friar lawrence franciscan priest/ wise
friar john franciscan priest
benvolio romeo’s friend/ peace maker
abram montagues servant
balthasar romeos servant
is romeo a m or c montague
is it ever known how or why the feud began? nope
romeo and juliet is written in modern english – 1600s
foil a character who serves as a contrast to another perhaps more primary character, to point out specific traits
how does the play start sampson and gregory pun back to each other and say they are better than the montagues and riot begins
how are women seen in this play weak/ as property
tybalt is a foil to benvolio
prince does not want public fighting and threatens death if happened again
in the beginning of the play romeo is depressed over rosaline whom he loves but she does not love him back
romeo is in love with (not juliet or rosaline) the idea of love/ he’s beaten down by love but cant get away from it
who convinces romeo to look at other girls benvolio
what does capulet think of paris’ marriage engagement?