Romeo and Juliet Act V (minor)

What news does Balthazar bring Romeo? Juliet is dead
What does Romeo buy from the Apothecary? Poison
How is Friar John prevented from going to Mantua to deliver Friar Lawrence’s letter? He was quarantined and couldn’t leave.
Why does Friar Lawrence feel he must go quickly to Juliet’s tomb? To get Romeo not to kill himself and to get there before Juliet wakes up.
Why does Paris go to Juliet’s tomb? To see his once soon-to-be wife in her tomb and pay her homage.
What is Romeo’s real reason for sending Balthazar away from Juliet’s tomb? So Balthazar doesn’t convince Romeo to not kill himself.
What does Paris think about Romeo coming to Juliet’s tomb? Paris thinks Romeo will disturb the bodies.
To what does Romeo compare Juliet’s tomb? A maw or mouth, womb, and a stomach.
How does Romeo personify Death in aprx lines 102-105? An abhorred monster(102-105).
What does Friar Lawrence bring to the tomb? An iron crow(crowbar)
How do Paris, Lady Montague, Romeo and Juliet die? Paris is slain by Romeo. Lady Montague dies of a heart attack from grief of her exiled son. Romeo poisons himself. Juliet stabs herself with Romeo’s sword.
What is the function of Friar Lawrence’s speech in aprx lines 229-269? To not blame him for the death of their children.
What do Capulet and Montague agree to do to signify the end of the feud that has cost so many lives? They decide to make a pure golden statue of Romeo and Juliet.
Friar Lawrence observes earlier in the story that “virtue itself turns vice, being misapplied…” How does this line foreshadow his role in the tragedy? Because of Romeo and Juliet’s marriage and their need to be together, led to them dying in order to be together.
What does the Prince mean when he claims “All are punished”? He means that because of the feud many people are dead, and their punishment is their grief.

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