Romeo and juliet act v

What is ironic about the Prince’s statement:i. “See what a scourge is laid upon your hate, ii. That heaven finds means to kill your joys with love!” ironc bc there happnes has been killed by love which is ussaly happy
What meaning does Romeo attribute to his last kiss with Juliet? thous with the kiss i die seals the agreement to be with her forever
After he finds out about Juliet’s “death” Romeo exclaims, “Then I defy you, stars!” Throughout fait
13. Which observation by Romeo in scene iii is an example of dramatic irony? how not dead she looks .
12. What does Romeo mean when he says to Paris, “Put not another sin upon my head”? doesn’t want to kill anyone else
What two reasons does Romeo give for Balthasar for why he will “descend into this bed ofdeath”? )he wants to see juliet again and take the ring so they dont know
Romeo’s reaction to the news of Juliet’s death reveals that by nature he is what? madly in love. Passionate rash hasty ect
By ending his life, Romeo feels he is “shak[ing the yoke of inauspicious stars” from his “world-wearied flesh;” What is the meaning of this statement? 9) cant have any more bad things because he will be dead Star crossed meaning not a smooth pass for them
In his ode to Juliet, Paris strews her tomb with flowers and vows to do what? to make him jealous visit it every night
7. Romeo immediately visits and apothecary to buy poison. What specifications does he demand? that is fast and powerful
6. What reason does Juliet give for kissing Romeo? wants the poison from her lips
5. In honor of their children, the newly-reconciled Capulet and Montague decided to do what? build statues out of of romeo and juliet juliets gold
4. What event does Romeo’s dream, described in the beginning of scene i, foreshadow? his death and foreshadowing
3. Scene ii: Why was Friar John unable to deliver the letter to Romeo? 3)trapped in house because people were dead
Paris believes Romeo is at the Capulet tomb to do what? 2) ruin it steal the ring
According to Montague, why did Lady Montague die that night? grief
Act Three review guide:How does fire Lawrence try to relieve Romeo of his grief Just to stay optimistic
In act three why does Romeo consider stabbing himself with a dagger? Because they Can’t be together unless they die
While Romeo is climbing down from the balcony what does Juliet have a vision of? Has a vision of death
What is the main reason why Romeo resist fighting tybalt? He doesn’t want to ruin his relationship with Juliet
What directors Capulet make if Juliet does not marry Paris? Design her as in ignoring her and leaving her to live on your own
What helps establish a for bodying moved in the beginning of seen one How Romeo and Juliet can’t be together
Why does Juliet set out to go to friar Lawrence’s cell? Has no one else to turn to
Who other than tybalt Is blamed for mercutios death directly or indirectly? Romeo and Juliet
Scene iv, what motivated Capulet change his mind and agreed to Let Paris Mary Julia in just a few days? Make her happier
What Sequence accurately Identifies Julius changing attitude for Romeo in scene two? She sees him dead
What two literary Devices are used In the Following lines?I. Beautiful tyrant! Fiend Angelical! Dove Featherd raven!Wolvish raveining lamb! Metaphor/joke
In these lines, what literary device is used, and for what purpose?Tybalt: mercucio thou consortest…. Metaphor/joke
What quote from scene one best supports the theme of the power and fate? “I am fortunes fool” describes what happened

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