Romeo and Juliet Act V

Who is Balthasar? Romeo’s servant
Which news does Romeo expect? News from the Friar.
Which news does Balthasar bring? That Juliet is dead.
Explain the term “apothecary.” where people go to buy medicine. Romeo buys poison from there.
Was there a law in Mantua which controlled the sale of certain drugs? It is punishable by the death penalty if you sell drugs that can kill a person.
What does Romeo mean in lines 80-81?”There is thy gold, worse poison to men’s souls,Doing more murder in this loathsome world,Than these poor compounds that thou mayst not sell.” He means that gold is worse than poison, and if anything the gold is the poison.
Why was Friar John detained? Friar John was detained because he was in a town that had the plague
Did Friar John deliver the letter to Romeo? No
What does the Prince mean when he says: “…Capulet, Montague,See what a scourge is laid upon your hate,That heaven finds means to kill your joys with love.” That because of their hate, the heavens punished them by killing their kids.
What does Paris ask his Page to do? Paris asks the Page to hide behind a yew tree and whistle when someone approaches.
What has Paris come to the tomb to do? To throw petals around the tomb for Juliet.
What has Romeo come to the Capulet vault to do? Romeo has come to the Capulet vault to end his life next to Juliet.
What does Romeo ask of Balthazar? He asks Balthazar to leave him alone or he will kill him.
What is Balthazar’s reaction to this/what does Balthazar do? Balthazar hides nearby and watches Romeo because he does not know what Romeo will do.
What does Paris think Romeo is at the Capulet vault to do? He thinks that he is there to vandalize the vault.
What action does Paris then take when he sees Romeo at the vault? Paris brings it upon himself to arrest Romeo.
What does Romeo say he has come to the vault to do? Does Paris believe him? Paris thinks Romeo is there to tamper with the dead bodies. Paris threatens to arrest Romeo.
Romeo and Paris fight. What is the result? Paris dies.
What does Paris request of the Romeo? Paris requests that Romeo lay his dead body next to Juliet.
What is Romeo’s reaction to seeing Juliet’s “dead” body? He describes how beautiful she is, even when dead.
What is Romeo’s reaction to seeing Tybalt’s dead body? Romeo asks for forgiveness and says that he will take revenge upon himself.
What does Romeo do before he drinks the poison? He kisses Juliet.
What does Friar Lawrence discover when he walks into the vault? Friar Lawrence discovers Romeo and Paris dead.
What else occurs while Friar Lawrence is standing in the vault? Juliet then wakes up.
What does Friar Lawrence suggest that Juliet do/what plan does he have for her? Friar Lawrence plans to send Juliet to the nuns.
Why does Friar Lawrence not simply return her to her parents? He does not want his plans to be exposed, and he would be punished.
Why does Friar Lawrence run out of the vault so quickly? He does not want to be suspected of Romeo and Paris’ death.
What does Juliet do when the Friar first exits the vault? Juliet kisses Romeo.
What does Juliet then do when she hears voices outside of the vault? She stabs herself.
The First Watchman attempts to get to the bottom of what has happened in the Capulet vault. Which characters does the Watchman detain to attempt to get answers? Both Friar and Balthazar.
The Prince, Capulets, and Montague arrive at the vault. What reactions do Capulet and Lady Capulet have to the scene in the vault? They are upset. Capulet says that the dagger should have been in Romeo’s back.
What does Montague say has happened to Lady Montague? Montague says that Lady Montague died of sadness for Romeo.
What is Montague’s reaction to seeing Romeo’s dead body? Montague is sad upon seeing Romeo’s dead body.
The Prince then brings Friar Lawrence and Balthazar forward to testify as to the events of that night. The Friar is the first to tell the Prince of the events of that night and the preceding days.Has the Friar told the truth? What is the Prince’s reaction? He Friar told the truth, and the Prince forgave him, claiming that he was a holy man.
What facts do Balthazar and Paris’s Page add to the investigation? -Balthazar brings news of Juliet’s “death” to Romeo -Romeo gave him a letter to bring to Montague -Paris and Page entered
What is the Prince’s reaction after reading the letter Romeo wrote to his father? He putts the deaths of Romeo and Juliet on the families’ feud.
What does the Prince say to Capulet and Montague when he calls them forward? The Prince says to Capulet and Montague that the heavens have punished them for their hatred.
What do Capulet and Montague offer to one another? To make statues of their children for each other.
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