Romeo and Juliet Act V

what is Romeo’s mood at the begining of the play? happy
what happens in Romeo’s dream? Juliet comes to Romeo and finds him dead
what does Romeo’s dream foreshadow? it foreshadows his own death
what news does Balthasar bring to Romeo? Juliet is dead
who is suppose to bring the news to Romeo? Friar John
what two questions does Romeo constantly ask? How is my lady?Are you bringing letters from the friar?
how does Romeo feel when he hears about Juliet’s death? Romeo feels dead inside
what does Romeo buy in response to Juliet’s death? what does he plan to do with it? Romeo buys poison that he plans to kill himself with at Juliet’s grave
who sells it to him? why does he sell it to him? the apothecary (doctor) sells it to him but he doesn’t want but he does because he needs the money
Is it legal or illegal to sell poison? illegal
what is the consequence for buying poison the death sentence
what is plan A? Friar John will deliver a letter to Romeo that states that Juliet is only faking her own death so she can runaway to be with Romeo
why does plan A fail? Friar John was called into town because of then Bubonic Plague but then he is quarantined so he can never get the letter to Romeo
what is plan B? Friar Lawrence will race to the grave and attempt to give Romeo the news that Juliet is only faking her death and prevent Romeo from killing himself
what is Juliet buried in? she is buried in a very large vault it looks like a small stone house
how long has Juliet been asleep from the sleeping potion? 42 hours (2 days)
who was suppose to marry Juliet? Paris
why is Paris at Juliet’s grave? Paris believes Juliet is truly deadso he is at the grave grieving and giving her flowers
what happens after Paris hears a noise while he is waiting at the tomb? he runs and hides
who does Romeo give a note to? Balthasar
who is this note to and what is its purpose? it is to Romeo father & it is his suicide note
Romeo tells Balthasar to leave and never come back, he even threatens him with death but why does Balthasar stay anyway? he doesn’t trust Romeo
why is the phase “I’ll cram thee with more food significant”? because he shoves Paris’ dead body in the tomb
why does Paris emerge when Romeo arrives? because Romeo killed Tybalt– Juliet’s cousin and Paris thinks Romeo is going to vandalize Juliet’s grave
why was Romeo banished? because he killed Tybalt — Juliet’s cousin
why and how does Paris die? Romeo’s intentions are misinterpreted and so they fight and Romeo kills Paris
where is Paris buried? why is he placed here? he is placed in the tomb next to Juliet out of Romeo’s respect for Paris
what does Juliet look like in the tomb? she is “fair” and beautiful the life hasn’t left her body yet
why can’t Romeo tell Juliet is alive? the sleeping potion dramatically reduces her heart beat and pulse
how many times does Romeo kiss Juliet before he dies? 2 times
who is lying next to Juliet? Tybalt — the cousin Romeo killed
what is the allusion? St. Francis the patron saint of friends
when Friar Lawrence finally arrives at the scene who does he find? what news does he receive? He finds Balthasar hiding and Balthasar informs him about everything
why does plan B fail? Friar Lawrence is to late and Romeo has already killed himself
when Juliet awakens what does Friar Lawrence want Juliet to do (this is plan C)? run away with him and become a nun; she says no
how does Juliet plan to kill herself? she wants to kiss Romeo and get the poison of Romeo’s lips so she can die to but this doesn’t work so she just stabs herself
who discovers the body? watchmen
why were mom and dad Capulet and dad Montague show up? because Lady Montague is dead (Romeo’s mom)
why is Romeo’s mom dead? she is dead of grief because Romeo was banished
why does everyone show up? they hear cries of people in the street “Romeo” “Juliet” “Paris”
who recaps everything? Friar Lawrence
what was Friar Lawrence’s role? He married Romeo and Juliet. The day Romeo killed Tybalt Juliet is mourning that Romeo is banished and not about Tybalt. Mom and Dad Capulet threaten to make Paris marry here. She goes to the friar and demands he make the marriage go away or she will kill herself so he gives her a sleeping potion.
why did Friar Lawrence flee? because he is scared be he took part in all of these events
who else knows about Romeo and Juliet’s marriage? the nurse (Juliet’s caretaker)
what does Friar Lawrence say they can do if they find him guilty? they can punish himm
where does plan C come from? Romeo’s letter that he gives to Balthasar
what does the page reveal? Paris brought flowers to the grave
who is related? Paris and the Prince
what does Prince fail to do? punish them before
what is the punishment for all of them? grief; Capulets–> Juliet Montague’s –> RomeoPrince –> Paris
why is decided in honor of their deaths? Montague’s have a Juliet statueCapulets have a Romeo statue
what is the lesson? communication is key
“Tempt not a desperate man” romeo is speaking to Paris means romeo is desperate and emotional and in love with Juliet and is straight up telling Paris not to mess with him
“Eyes, look your last!/ Arms, take your last embrace!” Romeo speaking before he killed himself (before he is with Juliet) he is speaking to himself he is making his last sight and his last touch Juliet before he kills himself
“Seal with a righteous kiss/ a dateless bargain to engrossing death” Romeo is speaking to himself because before his death he is sealing his death with a kiss for her
“The sun, for sorrow, will not show his head” The prince is speaking to the stage and audience (breaking the fourth wall) because it is so sorrowful that the sun will not rise. Sets the mood of the scene and shows the emotions
“Where be these enemies? Capulet! Montague!/ See, what a scourge is laid upon your hate,/ That heaven finds means to kill your joys with love!/ And I, for winking at your discords too,/ Have lost a brace of kinsmen: all are punish’d.” Prince is speaking to the Capulets and Montagues and the meaning is you hated each other as a result your kids are dead. Ive lost someone. We have been punished with heaven and Fate. We are all lost someone. Karma