Romeo and Juliet Act V

When does Act V, Scene i take place? Day 5, Thursday
Where does Act V, Scene i take place? A street in Mantua.
What is Romeo’s mood at the beginning of this scene? He is happy because he dreamt he was dead and Juliet’s kiss revived him.
What causes his mood to change? Balthasar tells him Juliet is dead.
What argument does Romeo use to persuade the apothecary to sell him a dram of poison? The apothecary is so poor that he is starving and near death anyway, so he might as well break the law to survive.
What substance does Romeo consider to be more harmful than poison? Gold
Why does Romeo consider the poison to not be a harmful substance at all? It will reunite him with Juliet.
When does Act V, Scene ii take place? Day 5, Thursday
Where does Act V, Scene ii take place? Friar Laurence’s Cell
Why has Friar John been unable to deliver Friar Lawrence’s letter to Romeo? The town between Mantua and Verona is quarantined because of the plague.
What does Friar Lawrence instruct Friar John to do? Get him a crowbar.
For whose safety is the Friar most concerned at this point? Juliet
When does Act V, Scene iii take place? Day 6, Friday Morning
Where does Act V, Scene iii take place? A churchyard
Why does Paris come to Juliet’s tomb? To put flowers on her grave.
Why has Romeo also come to Juliet’s tomb? To kill himself.
Why does Romeo tell Balthasar he wants to open the tomb? To get the ring so no one will know they’re married.
As Romeo is opening the tomb, what does Paris do? What is the result? Paris sees he is a Montague and attacks Romeo, thinking he is there to defile the bodies or something. Romeo kills Paris.
What effect does Paris’s dying request have on Romeo? It makes him look to see whom he killed.
What two tragic discoveries does Friar Lawrence make when he enters the tomb? Romeo and Paris are dead.
What is the first question Juliet asks when she awakens? “Where is my husband?”
What does the Friar urge Juliet to do? Come out of the tomb.
Why does the Friar run away, leaving Juliet behind? He hears the watch coming.
How does Juliet first attempt to end her own life? By kissing Romeo, hoping to get some poison from his lips.
How does she eventually succeed? Stabbing herself with his dagger.
The Prince, Montague, and the Capulets arrive. There are numerous questions. What startling news does Montague announce? Lady Montague died because of Romeo’s banishment.
What are the Prince’s orders? Be quiet and let the friar, Balthasar, and the page tell them what happened.
Who tells the Prince and Montague and Capulet everything that has happened? The Friar mainly (but Balthasar and the page added stuff too).
What does the Prince tell the two families is really responsible for the tragedy? Their hate.
What does the Prince see as his own mistake? He did not do enough to try and end the feud.
What do Montague and Capulet decide to do at the end? End the feud and build statues in the other’s child’s honor.
List eight important events that took place in Act V. 1. Romeo fails to get the message and hears Juliet is dead.2. He gets poison from the apothecary.3. He meets Paris at the tomb, they fight and Paris is killed.4. Romeo kills himself.5. The Friar arrives at the tomb and Juliet awakens.6. Juliet kills herself.7. Friar Lawrence explains the events of the past week.8. Montague and Capulet end the feud.