Romeo and Juliet act V

How does romeos dream, which he descrives in his opening speech, compare with the news brought to him by Balthasar? In Romeo’s dream, Juliet finds Romeo dead, kisses him, and brings him back to life. Balthasar brings bad news that Juliet is “dead”
How does Romeo convince the apothecary to sell him poison? He will pay the apothecary lots of money, in exchange for the poison. The apothecary is super poor.
What does he plan to do with the poison? Go to Juliet’s grave and drink it there.
Explain the conversation between Friar Lawrence and Friar John. Lawrence asks if he got the letter to Romeo. John says he couldn’t because the city gates were closed for fear of sickness, so he didn’t care because he thought it was just a friendly letter. Lawrence is mad and asks for a crowbar.
What does Friar Lawrence plan to do now? Take the crowbar and break into the Capulet tomb, take Juliet once she awakens, to his cell where Romeo would hopefully meet them.
Why does Paris come to Juliet’s burial place? To mourn, and place flowers on her grave.
What happens when Romeo and Paris meet? Paris tries to arrest Romeo and turn him in. Romeo wants Paris to walk away and let him die by Juliet’s side. They end up dueling and Romeo kills Paris.
Romeo enters the tomb and sees Juliet. He takes the poison and no sooner does Romeo die, than Friar Lawrence comes along- too late. What happens when Juliet wakes up? Friar Lawrence tries to get Juliet to leave, but she doesn’t. Friar hears the watchmen and leaves. Juliet kisses Romeo to try and get some poison, the she takes his dagger and stabs herself.