Romeo and Juliet Act Three Scene Summary

Scene One -Mercutio and Benvolio see Capulets in the streets, one of which is Tybalt-As Romeo walks home form his secret wedding, he finds Mercurio, Benvolio and Tybalt in the streets-When Tybalt insults Romeo, and Romeo acts kindly toward Tybalt, Mercurio is offended and challenges Tybalt to a fight-Tybalt accepts-Romeo steps in to try to end the fight-Tybalt skillfully leans under Romeo’s arm and stabs Mercutio in the chest then runs off-Mercutio dies-Tybalt returns-In his anger, Romeo fights Tybalt-Tybalt diesCitizens, the Prince and the two feuding families enter into the street and see what has happened -Benvolio tells the story of the fight and deaths-Even though the las said anyone to fight in the streets they were to be executed, the Prince only exiles him
Scene Two -Juliet talks to herself of there excitement to be seeing Romeo that night-The Nurse, being her dramatic, emotional self, takes about 70 lines to explain to Juliet of Tybalt’s death and Romeo’s banishment-The Nurse complains about men and how terrible they are-Juliet stands up for herself and her husband to the Nurse on page 181-The Nurse send Juliet to bed ad sets out to find Romeo so they can say goodbye
Scene Three -Romeo tells Friar Lawrence that banishment is worse than death-The Nurse arrives and tells Romeo that Juliet cries for him and her cousin-Romeo tries to stab himself but the Nurse stops him-Friar Lawrence tells Romeo to man-up, go see Juliet, leave the city and that he will try to fix things by announcing the marriage and asking the Prince for a pardon-Romeo leaves to see Juliet
Scene Four -On Monday Capulet, Lady Capulet and Paris talk about marriage to Juliet-The Capulets decide Paris wil marry Juliet on Thursday but the wedding will be small
Scene Five -Romeo leaves Juliet’s room the next morning-Lady Capulet comes into her daughter’s room and tells her about her wedding-Juliet tells her parents she will not marry Paris and her father gets very upset-Lord Capulet threatens to disown Juliet if she doesn’t marry Paris-The Nurse tells Juliet she should marry the Prince and this greatly upsets Juliet-Juliet goes to Friar Lawrence for advice but decides she will commit suicide if he is no help to her

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