Romeo and Juliet Act three scene 1

Who approaches Benvolio and Mercutio and tries to fight with them? Tybalt approaches Benvolio and Mercutio to try to fight them
When Romeo walks into the scene and Tybalt insults him by calling him a villain, how does Romeo respond? When Tybalt calls Romeo a villain Romeo says that he loves Tybalt but Tybalt just doesn’t know the reason why yet (it is because now that him and Juliet are married Tybalt is now part of Romeo’s family)
Why doesn’t Romeo want to fight Tybalt? Romeo doesn’t want to fight Tybalt because he is his cousin-in-law and he loves him
Who steps in to fight Tybalt when Romeo refuses? Why does he do this? Mercutio steps in to fight for Romeo
How does Mercutio get hurt? Mercutio is injured because Romeo tries to break up the fight but ends up making Mercutio prone to being hit by Tybalt’s sword which is what ends up happening
What does Mercutio say towards Romeo and Tybalt, which can be taken as both a piece of fate and foreshadowing? Mercutio says that there is a plague on both houses which foreshadows Tybalt’s death and Romeo and Juliet’s love failing
Tybalt runs away but then returns. When he does, how does Romeo respond? When Tybalt return Romeo isn’t as nice as before and fights Tybalt
What does Benvolio urge Romeo to do next? Why? Does Romeo listen to him? Benvolio urges Romeo to run away so he can be safe because he had just slain Tybalt. He eventually does listen to Benvolio and flees
Who all shows up at the scene when just Benvolio remains (p.869)? When Benvolio just remains a citizen of Verona, Prince, Capulet, Lady Capulet, and Montague all arrive
When Benvolio recounts what has happened, does he tell the truth? Does Lady Capulet think he is telling the truth? Benvolio does tell the honest truth but Lady Capulet thinks that he is lying since he is a Montague
What does Lady Capulet suggest should happen to Romeo? Lady Capulet says Romeo should be put to death
What does Montague believe about the justice of the situation? Montague said that Romeo only killed Tybalt because he slew Mercutio and Tybalt’s death would’ve happened anyway so Romeo’s only real offense is taking the law into his own hands
What does Prince Escalus decide and declare? Prince Escalus decides that he will exile Romeo from Verona

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