Romeo and Juliet Act one Summary and Questions

Scene One The Servants from each house fight for the pride of thier housesBenvoilo tries to stop it while Tybalt fuels the fire and wants to fightThe Prince issues a decree saying that if anyone fights again they will dieBenvolio tells Romeo’s parents that Romeo has been moody lately because Lord and Lady Montague are worried about himBenvolio finds Romeo and Romeo tells him that he has been moody because he is love with Roseline but she does not love him back.
Scene Two Lord Capulet tells Count Paris that he is allowed to marry Juliet if he wins her heart overRomeo and Benvolio find out about the Capulet partyBenvolio tries to get Romeo to admire other women and forget about Rosaline.
Scene Three Lady Capulet, Nurse, and Juliet talk about Paris and their views of marriage.
Scene Four Mercutio, Benvolio, and Romeo get ready for the party. Mercutio talks about Queen Mab to try and make Romeo feel better. Benvolio and Mercutio try one last time to get Romeo to go to the party, but Romeo does not want to because he had a bad dream about it.
Scene Five The boys go to the party with masks one like everyone else; this also means that no one can tell who each other is. Tybalt hears Romeo and wants to fight him for being there, but Lord Capulet keeps him from doing it for now. Romeo and Juliet see each other for the first time, kiss for the first time, and fall in love. They do not know who each other is, until they have parted. Juliet and Romeo are devastated when they do find out