Romeo and Juliet: Act One

What is the gist of the conversation between the Capulet servants and the Montague servants? How can you tell their personalities are different? The Capulet servants are rude and disrespectful compared to the Montague servants. The Capulet servants are talking about throwing trash in the streets at people and disrespecting women.
Which character tries to break up the fight in the streets between the Montague’s and the Capulet’s at the beginning of the act? Prince Escalus
Which character insists on keeping the fight going in the street between the Montague’s and the Capulet’s? Tybalt
What is the different between Lord and Lady Capulet’s relationship and Lord and Lady Montague’s relationship? The Capulet’s do not really love each other. They have an arranged marriage. Lady Capulet calls Lord Capulet dumb, weak, and disabled. She has not had a chance to find out who she really is before she has to marry Lord Capulet. The Capulet’s married VERY young. The Montague’s really do love each other
What is Romeo’s problem in the beginning of the act that is causing him to be depressed? Romeo is depressed because he is in love with Rosaline, but she is not in love with him.
What does Lord Capulet tell Paris about marrying Juliet at the beginning of this act? Does this surprise you? Lord Capulet tells Paris that he does not want Juliet to marry Paris because she is too young. He also wants to make sure that Paris is good to her and is serious about this marriage. This is surprising because many fathers back then did not care how old their daughters were, they would make arranged marriages all the time.
How do Benvolio and Romeo find out about the party at the Capulet’s house? A servant from the Capulet’s house was invited, but he did not know how to read. The servant was on the street and saw Romeo. The servant asked Romeo if he could read it to him because the servant was never educated to read it by himself.
Why does Benvolio want to go to the Capulet’s party? Why does Romeo want to go? Benvolio wants to go to the party because he wants to show Romeo that there are other pretty girls at the party, so Romeo can forget about Rosaline. Romeo wants to go so he can see Rosaline
What is the difference between the relationship between Juliet and Lady Capulet and the relationship between Juliet and the Nurse? Lady Capulet did not raise Juliet when Juliet was a child. Rich women did not like to do the “hard” work of raising a child. The Nurse and Juliet are more close and have a more “mother/daughter” relationship. The Nurse knows Juliet better than Lady Capulet because the Nurse had to raise Juliet.
What is the purpose for the Queen Mab speech? When Mercutio says this speech he is trying to cheer up Romeo because Romeo is depressed. The speech is full of puns which were “funny” back then.
What do we learn about Mercutio in act one? Mercutio is related to the Capulet’s but is goof friends with Romeo. Mercutio also tries to be the center of attention and the “class clown” because he is not very attractive.
What type of dreams does Queen Mab bring? Name three people whom she brings them to. Queen Mab brings dreams of money to lawyers, dreams of ladies lips to people who want to kiss, and dreams of love to lovers. Queen Mab also brings Romeo a dream.
What was Romeo’s dream about? What type of literary element is this? Romeo’s dream was about something bad was going to happen. He was scared from his dream that he had because he dreamed that he would have an untimely death. This an example of foreshadowing
What is Romeo’s first impression of Juliet? How is this ironic? Romeo’s first impression of Juliet was that she was a dove compared to all the other girls that look like crows. This is an example of situational irony because Romeo was in love with Rosaline, but as soon as he sees Juliet, he falls in love with her.
How do we know that Romeo’s infatuation with Juliet is serious? They saying they should press their lips together like hands do when you hold them together.
Are Romeo and Juliet bad children who are merely seeking fun and rebellion? Find examples to support your ideas. Romeo and Juliet are not bad children. When Capulet found out Romeo crashed the party from Tybalt, Capulet did not kick Romeo out because everyone on the streets of Verona know that Romeo is a good kid and he is not causing trouble at the party. Juliet is a good child because when her mother brought up the arrange marriage with Paris, even though she did not like the idea, she was still respectful to her mother about it. Also, Romeo and Juliet did not know they were enemies when they met.
what are the two main families in the feud? Capulet’s and Montague’s
what city does this play take place? Verona, Italy
Who is the ruler of Verona? Prince Escalus
Who is Romeo’s love, but does not love her back? Rosaline
Who is the nephew of Lady Capulet/Juliet’s cousin that is hot-headed and always wants to fight? Tybalt
Who is the cousin of Romeo and Romeo’s best friend? Benvolio
Who is the person that is related to Prince Escalus and wants to marry Juliet? Paris
Who is basically Juliet’s nanny who takes care of her? the Nurse

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