Romeo And Juliet Act One

What does capulet think of the princes directives after the third fight?
Why has Paris come to capulet To be able to marry juliet
What is capulets answer to Paris? What does he tell Paris to do meanwhile and why? She is too young. Come to the party to see if she likes him
What do you think capulet means when he says “the earth hath swallowed all my hopes but she” All his children has died but her
How does Romeo find out about the capulets feast? The servant asks him to read the invitation
What kinds of comparisons does the servant make to indicate his problem with the task that has been given? A shoemaker works in his yard, a tailor works on his art, a fisher works with his pencil, and a painter works with his nets
What does benvolio say Romeo will realize at the feast That there are many more pretty girls and that Romeo will find someone better
How does the nurse feel about Juliet? How can you tell? Like she is her child. The way she talks about her
What historical event does the nurse use as a landmark to help remember Juliet’s age The earthquake
What does Juliet say about her thoughts of marriage? What do you think she means? It is an honour that I dream not of. That she hasn’t given it much thought
How old is lady capulet 26
What merits does Paris have according to lady capulet Handsome and Christian
Juliet answers her mother saying “Ill look to like, if looking liking move” what does she mean? She will take a look at him but she can’t promise her that she will fall in love with him
What does Juliet say will determine how vigorously she trie to fall in love with Paris?
How are the problems of love and marriage different for men and for women in this play? Write a paragraph comparing and contrasting the situation for men and women, and end by sating your opinion on the matter. Men get to choose who they want to marry.
When and where is this play set 14th century/ Verona Italy
According to the opening speech of chorus, what will happen to Romeo and Juliet They will fall in love, later take their lives, and families will stop fighting
How does the fight In scene one begin Sampson bites his thumb
Benvolio and tybalt, nephews of each households. Which do each seem to be like Benvolio- peacemaker;he was trying to break up a fightTybalt- fighter, peace hater; started a fight with benvolio for no reason
By the time the price arrives in scene one, who is involved in the fight Capulet and lady capulet, montague and lady montague, Sampson, Gregory, Abraham, Balthasar, benvolio, tybalt, citizens
With what punishment does prince threaten anyone in the montague or capulet parties who breaks the peace again? Death
Why is Romeo causing his father concern He is depressed. Locking himself in dark rooms, avoiding contact, and crying under sycamore trees
What does benvolio discover is bothering Romeo. What advice does he give Romeo He thinks its a broken heart. That he can find someone better and to get over Rosaline
How do they use transgression in this line. “Why, such is love’s transgression.” Describing love
How do they use assailing in this line. “She will not stay the siege of loving terms Nor bide th’ encounter of assailing eyes” Describing eyes
As in the bud bit with an envious wormEre he can spread his sweet leaves to the airOr dedicate his beauty to the sunExplain what is being personified and why Flower bud/ having been bitten by the worm it can’t grow. Like Romeo
What are these two themes(juxtaposition) and how does Shakespeare continue to place these differences side by side in scene one Hate and loveFight &Romeo talking about <3

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