Romeo and Juliet: ACT ONE

Between what two families does the feud exist? Montague vs. Capulet
What decree does the Prince make after the street brawl? Whoever starts another fight will be killed
What advice does Benvolio give Romeo about Rosaline? He advises Romeo to forget Rosaline, because “he didn’t truly love her”, and to move on “examine other beauties”
How does Capulet respond to Paris’ proposal to marry Juliet? He takes it as an honor, but tells Paris to wait two years because Juliet is only 14
How do Romeo and Benvolio learn about the Capulet’s ball? What do they decide to do? One of the Capulet servants who cannot read, asks Romeo and Benvolio to help. They decide to go to the ball to “cheer Romeo up”
How does Juliet feel about getting married? She doesn’t really care in the begining
How old is Juliet? Almost 14 years old
What is Lammastide and on what date does it come? Lammastide is the christian church feast in England held on August 1st, which is also Juliet’s birthday
When and where does Act One, Scene Four take place? On a street in Verona, Italy
Explain Romeo’s speech (lines 106-113) He is concerned with arriving to early to the party because something always bad will happen to him. But he decides to let the stars handle his fate and goes to the party.
Where does Act One, Scene Five take place? In a hall in the house of Capulet
Who is Romeo talking about in lines 46-55? Explain the irony. Romeo expresses feelings of love to Juliet, he compares himself to an ugly, rough man. It is ironic because Tybalt does not realize he is talking about Juliet.
Why does Tybalt become so upset, and how does Capulet respond to his rage? Tybalt is upset because Romeo is at the party even though he is a Montague. Capulet doesn’t let Tybalt fight Romeo, because he wants to party to be peaceful.
Who said the following and why?: “Is she a Capulet? O dear account, my life is my foe’s debt.” Romeo, o realizing that Juliet is a Capulet, and realizing that his foe’s now own his life
Who said the following and why?: “My only love sprung from my only hate too early seen unknown and known to late.” Juliet, meaning that she loves the only person she is meant to hate. She wishes she knew he was a Montague, and if she knew that she would of never fell in love with him