Romeo and Juliet Act l-lll

What purpose does the prologue serve in Act 1 Scene 1? Tells us the whole story of what is to come, all in 14 lines.
The play begins on a humorous note. What technique do the servants employ to get their laughs? They play with words in a humorous way (all different forms of words that sound like “coal” but with all different meanings)
What purpose does having the servants argue serve? It shows that the hatred between the two families runs so deep that even the servants are in on it
What begins the actual fight between the two groups of servants? One of the servants “bites his thumb” at the servants of the other family
Who are Benvolio and Tybalt? Benvolio is Romeo’s cousin and Tybalt is Juliet’s
Eventually who is involved within this brawl the servants started? ALL the male Capulets and Montagues (aside from Romeo, because he’s too busy mopping)
How many times have the two families had public brawls? 3
What did the Prince say will happen if the two families are involved in another fight? Death penalty!
When did Benvolio see Romeo and what did Romeo do when Benvolio called to him? Wandering around at night, and he hid in the woods when Benvolio called
What has Romeo been doing lately? Does his father know the cause of his sorrow? He has been acting emo, walking around at night, locking himself in his room with the curtains shut so he can cry in the dark
What does Benvolio promise Montague he will do? Find out what’s wrong with Romeo
What does Benvolio find out? Romeo’s in love with someone who doesn’t love him back
Why won’t the girl he loves have anything to do with Romeo? She’s not interested in dating
What advice does Benvolio give Romeo? Find another girl and you’ll forget all about Rosaline!
Act 1 Scene 2 : Who is Paris? What does he want Capulet to consent to? He’s a count in his mid-20s. He wants to marry Juliet
What is Capulet’s answer? She’s a bit young. If you can get her to fall in love with you then I’ll approve, though
How old is Juliet? 13
What is Capulet planning for the evening? A costume party
Why does the servant have trouble with the errand Capulet has sent him on? He can’t read!
Romeo is really miserable. To whom does he compare himself? A patient in a mental hospital
How do Romeo and Benvolio find out about Capulet’s party? They help the servant read the invitation
Why does Benvolio want Romeo to crash the party? To see Rosaline compared with other, prettier girls
What do the nurse’s speeches about Juliet’s age show about the Nurse? She’s inappropriate and very funny
How does the nurse feel about Juliet? Like a mother -she loves her!
Who was Susan? Nurse’s daughter who died as a baby
What does Lady Capulet ask her daughter to consider? Marrying Paris
What do the women think of Paris? He’s handsome and charming and the ladies all love him!
What kind of mood is Romeo in when the scene opens? He is grumpy because he feels as though it’s a really bad idea to go to the party
How are the boys going to get into the party without being caught? It’s a costume party – they have masks!
Who is Queen Mab? The fairy queen who delivers dreams! Mercutio babbles on and on about her, making NO sense at all, to show Romeo that dreams aren’t important and don’t mean anything
What does Romeo’s last speech in the scene serve as an example of? Foreshadowing!!! He says that he’s worried that something awful will happen that will lead to death
What are the servants doing as the scene opens? Preparing for the party
What is Juliet’s effect on Romeo when he first sees her? She takes his breath away with her beauty!
What does this show about his character? He changes his mind easily and falls in love based on looks
Who discovers Romeo has crashed the party? Tybalt
Why does Capulet tell Tybalt to leave Romeo alone? He’s not causing any problems
What does Tybalt vow to do? Get revenge on Romeo
When Romeo first talks to Juliet what does he compare his lips to? pilgrims
What does he compare Juliet to? A saint
From whom does Romeo learn of Juliet’s identity? nurse
What does Juliet say will happen if Romeo is married? What is this an example of? Her grave will likely be her wedding bed. This is foreshadowing because we know (from the prologue!) that she will die shortly after her wedding.
Has the purpose of the prologue changed? How? Yes – the first act prologue told the whole story of what was to come. This one sums up what’s happened already
What are Romeo’s friends doing as the scene opens? Looking for him!
What do they think is the cause of Romeo’s mood? Rosaline
What does Romeo do when he hears his friends calling? Why? He hides because he’s too caught up in love to deal with them right then
Where is Romeo hidden? Under the balcony
When Romeo sees Juliet at her window, to what does he compare her? Quote the line. “it is the east and Juliet is the sun!”
What is the meaning of the line: “O Romeo, Romeo, Wherefore art thou Romeo?” Why do you have to be Romeo?
Does Juliet know of Romeo’s presence? What does she do? She doesn’t know he’s there – she talks about loving him.
What will happen to Romeo if he is discovered? He will be killed
Why can’t walls keep Romeo in? He loves her so much that he flies over the walls with love
Why is it that Romeo says he would not be distressed if he were found in the orchard? Because if Juliet loves him he’s safe; if she doesn’t he may as well die
If it were not dark out, what could be seen on Juliet’s cheek? Her blushing
What is Juliet afraid that Romeo will think of her? That she is toooooo forward!
Why does Juliet not want Romeo to swear his love by the moon? It is ever changing and she’s afraid that means his love will change
Why is Juliet afraid of this new love? It’s so intense and going so fast.
What does Juliet want Romeo to do if his intentions are honorable? Tell her when they will get married
What does Romeo compare Juliet to? A baby hawk
At what time is Romeo supposed to send his message to Juliet? 9am
What is Friar Lawrence collecting as the scene opens? What can these sort of things be used for? He’s collecting herbs that can be used for healing or poisoning
What does the Friar conclude when Romeo arrives so early? That he’s been out all night with Rosaline
After Romeo asks the Friar to marry him and Juliet, what does the Friar tell him about the way he loves? It’s with his eyes not his heart – very superficial and not real
Why does the Friar say he will marry Romeo and Juliet? To get the two families back together
Quote the last line of this scene and explain it. “wisely and slow. They stumble that run fast.” – means that if he rushes into the relationship it could cause problems – going slowly is the best plan
Give two examples of foreshadowing from the end of this scene. Friar says that the marriage will help to bring the families together; Friar warns that if you rush into a relationship, it can cause problems.
What do Benvolio and Mercutio think is still Romeo’s problem? Moping and sad over Rosaline
What has Tybalt done? Challenged Romeo to a duel
What do the two friends think Romeo will do about it? Accept the challenge
Why do Benvolio and Mercutio say Romeo is already dead? Because he’s been hit by cupid’s arrow (love) and is miserable because of it (they think!)
What kind of duelist is Tybalt? How do you know? Excellent! He is the best – Mercutio goes on and on about it
When Romeo enters this scene, what do his friends do to him? They tease him about disappearing last night
Why has the Nurse come to see Romeo? To find out details about the wedding
How does Romeo describe Mercutio? A man who likes to hear the sound of his own voice
What warning does the Nurse give Romeo about Juliet? That she is a wonderful girl and he better not be messing with her
What is Romeo’s message? Juliet should go to Friar Laurence this afternoon for confession and marriage!
Who does the Nurse tell Romeo about? What is her impression of him now? Paris, who she knows Juliet thinks is a toad compared to Romeo
Why is Juliet worried as this scene opens? Nurse is running late
Why does the Nurse not give Juliet the message right away? She’s tired and achy – and trying to get Juliet upset for fun
What is the purpose of the rope ladder? For Romeo to visit Juliet’s bedroom that night
What does the Friar warn Romeo about at the beginning of this scene? Jumping into a relationship quickly can often have bad results
How is this foreshadowing? The relationship between R and J moved super quickly and will end in tragedy
Compare the emotions of Romeo and Juliet with those of the Friar. They are passionately in love, while the Friar is more serious and nervous
What might the Friar have to worry about? He could get into trouble if the parents find out!
Why does the Nurse help Juliet? What does the Nurse have to worry about? She helps Juliet because she loves her. Also, it’s probably exciting for her to do something so secretive. She needs to worry about Juliet’s parents finding out, though, because they would be furious
As the scene opens, the weather in Verona is extremely hot. Why is this significant? Hot weather makes people’s tempers get very bad
What kind of mood is Mercutio in? A weird, crazy mood and not willing to put up with anything
Why does Benvolio want Mercutio and Tybalt to get off the street? They will get in trouble if anyone sees them fighting
What reason does Romeo have to love Tybalt? They are now cousins by marriage
When Romeo refuses to fight, who decides to defend his honor for him? Mercutio
Describe how Mercutio came to be stabbed. Romeo was trying to separate them, and Tybalt stabbed Mercutio under Romeo’s arm
Does Mercutio know he is going to die? How do you know? Yes, he says “ask for me tomorrow and you shall find me a grave man”
What does Mercutio think of the feud now? What does he say as he is dying? He curses both families, because he thinks the feud is awful
What does Romeo say Juliet’ love has done to him? Made him weak and womanish
What is the result of Romeo and Tybalt’s duel? Tybalt is killed
Who sums up the events of the scene so far? Benvolio
What does Lady Capulet accuse Benvolio of? Why? Lying to protect his family member
What punishment does the Prince give Romeo? Banishment! He must leave Verona and NEVER come back!
When the Nurse bring the news of he duel, what does she lead Juliet to believe at first? That Romeo has died
When the Nurse speaks bitterly of Romeo, what is Juliet’s reaction? She gets mad because how DARE the nurse say anything bad about Juliet’s husband???
How long have Romeo and Juliet been married? Only a couple hours
How does Juliet justify Romeo’s killing of Tybalt? If he hadn’t, he would’ve been killed
Why does Romeo say that banishment is as bad as death? He won’t see Juliet
When Romeo hears how sad Juliet is, what does he want to do? Cut out the part of him that has made her sad
The Friar tells Romeo that he has much to be thankful for. What are these things he mentions? 1. He killed Tybalt who would’ve killed him2. He was banished, not sentenced to death3. Juliet is alive
What does the Friar tell Romeo to do? Go to Juliet for the night and leave the city before sunrise
What has Capulet planned for Juliet? When will this event take place? To get married to Paris on Thursday (in two days!!)
Why does the event not take place sooner? To give them time to get it all planned
Why are Romeo and Juliet arguing about nightingales and larks? It’s sunrise and he should leave, but they are fighting over whether it’s day or not because she wants him to stay
When Juliet is looking down from the balcony at Romeo, where does she imagine that he is? What is this an example of? She sees him in the bottom of a grave. This is foreshadowing
Why is Juliet crying? Why does her mother think she is crying? Romeo was banished and left, which makes her sad, but her mom thinks she’s crying over Tybalt
What does Lady Capulet say she will do to Romeo? Send people to kill him
What “good news” does Lady Capulet bring Juliet? She will marry Paris this week!!
What is Juliet’s response to this news? NO WAY
What is Capulet’s reaction to Juliet’s response? He screams and yells and hits her and threatens to disown her
What is the Nurse’s advice to Juliet? What significance does this have for Juliet? She says to forget about Romeo and marry Paris. Juliet realizes that she can’t trust the Nurse any longer
Where is Juliet going at the end of his scene? Friar Laurence
If the Friar can’t get Juliet out of this mess, what will Juliet do? Kill herself