Romeo and Juliet; Act IV & V

why does juliet go to friar laurence’s cell ? she said she was going of confession but she really wanted his advice .
what plans do friar laurence and juliet make ? they decide that juliet should agree to marry paris , but on the eve of her wedding she should drink a potion that friar would make for her . which will make her appear dead . when the potion wears off , she should go to mantua to go and be with romeo . friar will send for to romeo of these plans .
what news does balthasar bring romeo ? how does romeo react ? balthasar tells romeo of juliet’s death . romeo rushes out to the apothecary to get poison . he goes to where juliet is so he can take the poison while with her .
what went wrong with the friar’s plan ? his letters never got to romeo ; romeo never found out that juliet wasn’t really dead .
what are the circumstances of paris’ death ? paris accuses romeo of killing juliet with grief . paris want to fight but romeo doesn’t . paris presses romeo into fighting , and romeo kills him .
after she wakes up from being drugged , why does juliet kill herself with romeo’s dagger ? she sees romeo dead next to her and decides to kill herself too . since there was no poison left she uses a dagger .