Romeo and Juliet Act IV Scenes + Main Theme/Events

Scene i Friar and Juliet make a plan to get Juliet out of the marriage (fake death with potion, then they’ll put her in the tomb and Romeo will come)
Scene ii Juliet apologizes to Capulet and he moves the wedding up a day (which could mess up the messenger bc he doesn’t know about date change)
Scene iii Juliet has doubts/concerns/fears about drinking the vial but she drinks it anyways
Scene iv Everyone is preparing for the wedding (and Lady Capulet and Nurse are about to go to wake up Juliet)
Scene v The Nurse discovers Juliet, and she (and everyone else) thinks that she’s dead so they change all the wedding stuff to funeral stuff
Capulet decides Juliet will marry Paris Main Theme/Event (Capulet)
Friar and Juliet make a plan for Juliet to fake her death with potion Main Theme/Event (Friar and Juliet)
Juliet drinks the potion and everyone thinks she’s dead Main Theme/Event (Death)

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