Romeo and Juliet Act IV and V

Who is the Friar when Juliet arrives? How does she act towards him? Paris is with him. She acts acts uninterested and short.
Why does Juliet mention suicide in lines 50-54? Why doesn’t the Friar just tell her parents and Paris that she is already married to Romeo? She thinks she has no other option because it would publicly disgrace her parents and ruin her reputation.
What are the 8 steps to Friar Laurence’s plan? 1) Go home and give consent to marrying Paris2) Be alone3) Drink the potion and be “dead” for 42 hours4) Wake up 5) Romeo will be sent a letter6) Romeo and Friar will be by her side when she wakes up 7) Romeo will take her to Mantua
How does Capulets mood change this scene? What change in plans does he make? He goes from calling Juliet a wretch and saying he didn’t care if she ended up on the streets to saying how wonderful she is. He starts planning her wedding and changes it the next day
Why does Juliet take a dagger to bed? Incase she wakes up in the morning and the potion doesn’t work so she has to marry Paris
What is Juliet’s fear about the poison? It was made to actually kill her since the Friar married her to Romeo.
Why doesn’t the nurse notice that Juliet is dead at first? What do the Capulets and the nurse think caused Juliet’s death? The nurse thought she was asleep. They think she cried herself to death over the death of Tybalt.
The Friar scolds Juliet’s family in lines 65 -74. Why? They are mourning over her too long and they wanted the best for their daughter and that Heaven is best
What does Friar Laurence mean in the following couplet?” The Heavens do lour (frown) upon you for some ill, Move them no more by crossing their high will.” The Capulets have done something wrong and are being punished for it and the heavens are mad, so don’t make them any madder. Dint upset them anymore.
What is the purpose for ending Act 4 with Peter and the musicians? Comic relief during the most depressing part of the play and maybe to provide time for the actors to change or rest.
What does Romeo dream? He dreamed that he was dead and Juliet kissed him and brought him back to life
What news does Romeo receive? What does he mean when he says, “Then I defy you, stars!?” Juliet is dead. He will take control of his own destiny
How is Romeo able to get poison? He bribes the apothecary with 40 pieces gold
What problem has arisen in the Friar’s plan? Friar John does not get the letter to Romeo because he was stuck in a house with the plague
Why is Paris in the churchyard? He wants to visit Juliet and bring flowers to her grave
Does Romeo intend to kill Paris? No he does not intend to kill Paris but he was separate and let him no choice
What does Romeo notice about Juliet’s appearance? She is beautiful and looks alive; she has color in her cheeks
What offer does the Friar make? To become a nun
What does the Prince think about the deaths? It’s the parents fault and that all are punished
What does Capulet and Montague vow to do? Make gold statues of each others child
What good thing comes out of this tragedy? The fight (feud) was finally over. Peace came to the town
What is the overall message of this play? Love did conquer hate because of Romeo and Juliet’s love the hatred did break apart
Why do you think this play is still popular over 400 years later? Talks about universal things