Romeo and Juliet Act IV

When does Act IV Scene i take place? Day 3, Tuesday
Where does Act IV Scene i take place? Friar Laurence’s Cell
Who is visiting the Friar when Juliet arrives? Paris
Why he is there? To tell the friar about the wedding.
Why do you think the Friar doesn’t tell Paris or the Capulets that Juliet is already married to Romeo? It is too soon after Tybalt’s death.
How does Juliet respond to Paris’s conversation when she meets him at the Friar’s cell? She plays with her words so Paris doesn’t realize she loves Romeo and is already married.
What does Juliet threaten if forced to marry Paris? Suicide
Is Paris aware of her true feelings for him? No because he seems happy and calls her ‘love’ and such.
What is the Friar’s scheme for reuniting Romeo and Juliet? 1. Juliet will tell her parents she will marry Paris.2. Then she will drink the friar’s potion, which will put her in a deep sleep for 42 hours.3. Paris will find her and think she’s dead.4. The Friar will confirm that she is dead.5. They will put her body in the family crypt.6. The friar will inform Romeo Juliet is alive.7. They will go get Juliet.8. Juliet will wake up.9. She and Romeo will go live in Mantua.
How is Romeo to be told of this plan? Letter
What is Juliet’s reaction to the plan? She is willing to do it and hopes she will have enough strength to carry it out.
When does Act IV, Scene ii take place? Day 3, Tuesday
Where does Act IV, Scene ii take place? A hall in Capulet’s house.
Who supervises preparations for the wedding feast? Capulet
Upon Juliet’s return from the Friar, what does she tell her father? She will marry Paris.
What important change is made in the wedding plans? It is moved from Thursday to Wednesday.
How will this affect the timing of the Friar’s plan? The Friar won’t have time to inform Romeo.
What could potentially go wrong? Romeo could find out she’s dead before he finds out she’s not dead.
When does Act IV, Scene iii take place? Day 3, Tuesday
Where does Act IV, Scene iii take place? Juliet’s Chamber
What excuse does Juliet give for sending the nurse away for the night? She has a lot of prayers to say.
What doubts does Juliet have before drinking the potion? Do you think they are realistic? 1. That it won’t work.2. That it will kill her.3. That she will wake up before Romeo comes.4. That she will suffocate.5. That she will go mad.Yes because the friar could have put just about anything into the vial to try and stop her from killing herself.
What finally causes her to drink the potion? She thinks she sees Tybalt’s ghost and drinks to Romeo.
When does Act IV, Scene iv take place? Day 3, Tuesday
Where does Act IV, Scene iv take place? A hall in the Capulet’s house.
How does the mood of Act IV, Scene iv seem different than Scene iii? More lighthearted.
Act IV, Scene iv is comic, at least in part. Why would Shakespeare use light and funny dialogue here? Comic Relief/Catharsis
When does Act IV, Scene v take place? Day 4, Wednesday
Where does Act IV, Scene v take place? Juliet’s Chamber
What argument does the Friar use to comfort Paris, Juliet’s parents, and the Nurse? She is in a better place now.
To what ill is the Friar probably referring when he speaks to the parents? They were going to force her to become a polygamist.
From the point of view of her parents, the Nurse, and Paris, what must have been the cause of Juliet’s death? The vial was probably still there, so if they saw it they would think she poisoned herself. But no one really said anything of the sort, so they probably didn’t really think about a cause. People died a lot more frequently back then, and their deaths were considered to be caused by things like illness or Satan and not really investigated.
List the four most important events in Act IV. 1. The Friar comes up with the plan.2. Capulet makes plans for Juliet’s wedding.3. Juliet drinks the potion and “dies.”4. Capulet plans to bury Juliet in the Capulet tomb.