Romeo and Juliet: Act IV

What drastic action is Juliet willing to take to avoid marrying Paris? suicide
What is Friar Lawrence’s plan? she will drink a potion which will make her appear dead; Romeo will meet her in the burial tomb as she wakes up and take her to live with him in Mantua
What is “the knot” that Capulet says he will have “knit up tomorrow”? Juliet’s marriage to Paris
Why is Capulet suddenly joyful, and says that his “heart is wondrous light”? he is happy that Juliet has agreed to marry Paris
For which reasons does Juliet question Friar Lawrence’s motives? perhaps he is afraid of being punished for secretly marrying Romeo and Juliet and is planning to give her real poison to kill her
What does Juliet fear? that she will not wake upthat she will wake up and go mad in the tomb and bash in her brains with a bone of her ancestorthat she will suffocate in the tombthat she will wake up before Romeo arrives
How does the Nurse tease Capulet in scene 4? She says he is a “cot-quean,” meaning that he is acting like a woman, being so concerned with the preparations for the wedding feast
Which is the first character to find Juliet “dead”? the Nurse
Whom has been married to Juliet rather than Paris, according to Capulet? Death
Where is Romeo during the entirety of Act IV? Mantua

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