Romeo And Juliet Act IV

For Venus smiles not in a house of tears… Said by: ParisSaid to: Friar LaurenceRegarding: Paris marrying Juliet on Thursday
Send for the county. Go tell him this. I’ll have this knot knit up tomorrow morning. Said by: CapuletSaid to: Nurse/ServantsRegarding: The wedding is on
Farewell! God know when we shall meet again… My dismal scene I needs must act alone. Said by: JulietSaid to: NurseRegarding: Drinking the vial to fake her death
Go waken Juliet; go and trim her up. Said by: CapuletSaid to: NurseRegarding: Wake up Juliet and get her ready for her wedding.
Life and these lips have long been separated. Said by: CapuletSaid to: Everyone in the roomRegarding: Juliet has died
Ready to go, but never to return… Death is in my son-in-law, Death is in my heir; Said by: CapuletSaid to: Friar LaurenceRegarding: Juliet is dead and Paris will be dead when he finds out
Round character Juliet, Friar Laurence and the Nurse
Flat character Paris
Dramatic foils Paris vs. Juliet- they view love differentlyJuliet vs. Parents- want juliet to marry different peopleFriar Laurence vs. Nurse-different views on how to help Romeo and JulietFriar Laurence vs. Capulet- They are both doing things to help Juliet but in totally different ways
Dramatic Irony We know Juliet is not really dead; We know that Juliet loves Romeo and not Paris
Foreshadowing Juliet’s hints of all the things that could go wrong with drinking the vial.
Soliloquy Juliet’s speech about her fears of drinking the vial.
Aside Friar says he doesn’t have any reason why the wedding couldn’t be earlier very sarcastically
Monologue Friar’s comforting speech about Juliet’s death.
Plot complication Paris is ready to get married to Juliet; Juliet fakes her death to get out of it.
Comic Relief Musicians and cooks changing their plans for a funeral instead of a wedding.
When Juliet goes to Friar Laurence’s cell, she meets Paris. Although Paris speaks of their marriage how does Juliet reply? She straight up tells him she doesn’t love him and loves another man aka Romeo but he doesn’t catch on
What does Juliet threaten to do if the Friar cannot help her in scene 1? Kill herself with a dagger/knife.
What solution does Friar propose to help Juliet avoid marrying Paris and to reunite Juliet and Romeo? Poison herself with a vial he gives her that will make her seem dead and then Romeo will come get her at the cemetery.
Why does Capulet think Juliet has consented to marry Paris? She begs for forgiveness and says she will do anything he wants.
What change does Capulet make in the wedding plans in scene 2? The wedding will happen a day earlier.
List Juliet’s fears about drinking the potion. A. The mixture won’t work.B. Friar is trying to kill her.C. She will suffocate in the tomb.D. She will see her dead family and freak out.E. She will go crazy.
What is the situation in the Capulet house at the end of Act IV? Juliet is “dead”
What religious comfort does the Friar offer the Capulet? Juliet is in heaven.
Dramatic irony gives us the pleasure of suspense when we know something that a character doesn’t. We wait for the character to discover what we already know. What is the dramatic irony in the following scenes? A. Scene 2, involving Capulet’s opinion of Friar Laurence- Capulet thinks that the Friar is a good man for helping Juliet change her mind but Friar actually helped Juliet deviate a plan to get out of marrying Paris.B. Scene 3, involving Lady Capulet and Juliet’s goodbye- This is their last goodbye.C. Scene 4, involving everyone in the Capulet house and Juliet- We know what happened with the vial and Juliet’s planned “death”
Juliet is often referred to as the character that matures the most in this play. How does Juliet respond to each of the following tests or trials? A. At the end of Act III/ beginning of Act IV, Juliet no longer has Romeo or the Nurse to console her- She goes to the Friar for help.B. Dealing with her parents’ ultimatum of marrying Paris or being disowned- She decides to arrange a fake death to get out of both and to be with Romeo.C. Juliet must face death and take the potion- She puts her fears to the side and drinks it.
What do you think of Juliet’s parents? I think Juliet’s parents really don’t care about Juliet’s feelings but they want what is best for her.