fight with Capulets what is Benvolio anticipating is about to happen as he and Mercutio walk the streets at the beginning of act III scene i?
Benvolio’s looking to fight just as much as Capulets what is Mercutio’s response to Benvolio’s concerns of a fight with the Capulets?
monologue; long speech set in front of Benvolio what kind of speech does Mercutio respond with when Benvolio expresses his concerns of a fight? how do you know?
romeo; ready to have a duel for Romeo attending feast who is Tybalt looking for when he shows up in scene i and why
doesn’t want to fight; Tybalt is family since Romeo married Juliet how does Romeo respond to Tybalt’s request when he arrives and why?
he won’t stop pressuring Romeo to fight what causes Mercutio to draw his sword against Tybalt?
Mercutio’s given fatal stab wound what are the results of the fight between Tybalt and Mercutio?
“a plague on both your houses” (100); he’s cursing the families, not knowing Romeo and Juliet later die what are Mercutio’s last words as he is carried away, and why are they ironic?
Mercutio was his friend, and tybalt killed him despite not wanting to fight before, what gives Romeo motivation for battling Tybalt?
Tybalt’s killed, and Romeo flees what are the results of the duel between Romeo and Tybalt?
Benvolio; long speech delivered to the crowd who delivers a monologue describing the fighting to the Prince? Why does it qualify as a monologue?
banishes Romeo from Verona how does the Prince decide to punish Romeo for his part in the fighting?
mercutio was related to Prince and Romeo avenged him why does the Prince decide on banishing Romeo instead of the death penalty?
for night to come to be with Romeo what is Juliet wishing for as scene ii opens?
soliloquy; she’s alone on stage, expressing thoughts to audience what kind of speech does Juliet use to express her thoughts as scene ii opens? why does her speech qualify as this type?
someone died; Romeo died what news does the nurse deliver when she arrives, and how does Juliet interpret it at first?
becomes angry with Romeo how does Juliet react when she learns the truth?
uses oxymorons- “dove-feathered raven”- “dreadful trumpet” how does Shakespeare reveal her conflicted feelings about Romeo killing Tybalt? provide two examples
stand by Romeo; he’s her husband and family now what does Juliet ultimately decide about Romeo and why?
find Romeo and bring him to Juliet to spend the night before Romeo leaves what does the nurse plan to do at the end of scene ii?
feels death would be less harsh because banishment mean he’ll have to be away from Juliet how does Romeo react when Friar Lawrence tells him that he has been banished from Verona?
prince is being merciful because he originally said Montagues would die if there was more fighting how do Friar Lawrence’s views concerning the punishment differ from Romeo’s ?
laying on floor crying and blubbering in what condition does the nurse find Romeo when she arrives?
he’s acting pathetic, ungrateful and like a child what do both the nurse and Friar Lawrence think of Romeo at this point as a result of his crying and blubbering?
Romeo should be happy he’s alive because Tybalt could’ve killed him, or he could’ve been executed by Prince briefly summarize the main points of Friar Lawrence’s monologue
romeo will spend night with Juliet then go to Mantua in morning. after things calm down, Friar Lawrence will announce their marriage to Verona and then make arrangements for him to come back what plan is developed to help Romeo overcome his depression?
his request to marry Juliet what are Capulet and Paris discussing as scene iv opens?
hasn’t had time to discuss with her because Juliet is deeply upset about Tybalt’s death Summarize the main points Capulet makes as he discusses Paris’s request to marry Juliet
remind Juliet of Paris when time is right what request does Paris make before he leaves?
to cheer Juliet up, Capulet will wed Paris and Juliet on Thursday? what decision does Capulet make regarding a marriage between Paris and Juliet?
if it’s night or morning; don’t want to leave each other but realize it isn’t safe to draw out goodbye too long what disagreement are Romeo and Juliet having as scene v opens? explain why
Juliet feels years will pass while Romeo’s gone, and she’ll age. Romeo promises he’ll keep in touch and assures her they’ll see each other again summarize the key points of Romeo and Juliet’s goodbye to each other
tybalt’s death for what reason does Lady Capulet assume Juliet is upset when she enters her room?
words spoken so other characters can’t hear them; Juliet reveals true feelings about Romeo when mom bashes him what is an aside? explain how one is used during Juliet’s conversation with her mother?
she’ll send someone to Mantua to poison him; foreshadow what plan does Lady Capulet develop for Romeo? what literary device is used here?
refuses and wonders why the haste; also says she’ll marry Romeo before Paris how does Juliet respond to her mother’s plan to marry her off to Paris?
dramatic irony audience knows something some of the other characters in the play don’t
already married to Romeo what is ironic about Juliet’s response to her mother’s plan to marry her off to Paris?
becomes angry because he feels she’s being ungrateful for what he believes is a gift and threatens to disown her how does Lord Capulet react when he learns of Juliet’s feelings concerning marriage to Paris?
no patience when challenged what does Lord Capulet’s reaction to Juliet denying marriage reveal about his character?
delay marriage; refuses to help and demands to listen to father what does Juliet ask of her mother after her father leaves, and how does Lady Capulet respond?
forget Romeo and marry Paris what advice does the nurse give Juliet after her parents leave?
ask Friar for help; if he has no way of helping, she’ll kill herself what decision does Juliet make at the end of scene v?
buildings built around roofless courtyards with no artificial light what was the general construction of a theater like the Globe theater in Shakespeare’s time?
daylight hours as a result of the construction of the theaters in Shakespeare’s time, what time of day were plays performed?
galleries where did the wealthier playgoers sit when watching a performance?
groundlings what were the poorer playgoers called?
pit from where did the groundlings watch the play?
round or octagonal with roof open to sky; could hold 2500-3000 people what is Shakespeare’s Globe theater thought to have look like?
hazelnuts what snack did Elizabethans like to eat while watching a play performance in Shakespeare’s time?
upper stage- gallerieslower stage- platform extending into pit what were the two parts of the Globe theater’s stage, and where were they located?
scenery what was not included in plays during the Elizabethan times?
references in dialogue as a result of no scenery in plays, how did the audience know when a setting changed?
typical Elizabethan clothing what did actors in Elizabethan plays wear instead of costumes?
2 hours how long did a Shakespearean play usually last in Elizabethan times?
they were all men or boys what was unique about the actors in Shakespeare’s theater company?
boys whose voices hadn’t changed yet (11-13) as a result of only male actors, who played the female role in plays?
Sam Wanamaker who was in charge of building today’s version of the Globe theater?
Henry V what was the first play to be performed at the most recent replica of the Globe theater?
gallant brave and noble
fray noisy fight
martial military
exile banish
eloquence speech or writing that is graceful and persuasive
fickle changeable