Romeo and Juliet Act III Questions

a brief remark by a character revealing his or her true thoughts or feelings, unheard by other characters Which of the following correctly defines an aside?
Why did you interfere? Why did you interfere? Your arm allowed him to stab me. After he is wounded in Scene i, Mercutio says to Romeo, “Why the devil came you between u s? I was hurt under your arm.” Which of the following is the best paraphrase of Mercutio’s words?
banishment After Tybalt’s death, the Prince sentences Romeo to which of the following punishments?
visit Friar Lawrence to seek his advice At the end of Act III, what does Juliet decide to do?
soliloquy At the beginning of Act III, Scene ii, Juliet is alone in Capulet’s orchard. She delivers a long speech in which she eagerly anticipates Romeo’s arrival at nightfall. Which of the following correctly describes this speech?
Men are not to be trusted. Unfaithful and dishonest, they are all liars and hypocrites. Read the following speech by the Nurse to Juliet in Scene ii:There’s no trust,No faith, no honestly in men; all perjured,All forsworn, all naught, all dissemblers.Which of the following is the best paraphrase of this speech?
with resentment By the end of Act III, how has Juliet come to regard the Nurse?
So stop grieving. Some mourning is natural result of love, but too much grief is foolish In scene v, Lady Capulet, who thinks Juliet is lamenting the death of Tybalt, tells her, “Therefore have done. Some grief shows much of loveBut much of grief shows still some want of wit”What is the best paraphrase of this passage?
self-pity In Act III, Scene iii, when Romeo learns about the Prince’s decree, which of the following best expresses his reaction as he talks with Friar Lawrence?
to show that Capulet will pursue the feud between the families indefineitly What is the main purpose of Scene iv, which shows Capulet, Lady Capulet, and Paris?
grief and fear of the future When Benvoio announces Mercutio’s death, Romeo replies, “this day’s black fate on moe days doth depend;This but begins the woe others must end”Which of the following best describes Romeo’s emotional reaction to Mercutio’s death?
advises Juliet to marry Paris Juliet loses trust in the Nurse at the end of Act III because the Nurse
In Scene ii, Juliet, alone in her room, expresses her impatience and anxiety Which of the following speeches is a soliloquy?
Please, Mercutio, let us go in. It is not and the Capulets are out and about. Choose the item that is the best paraphrase of these lines from the opening of Act III, Scene i?
a restatement in your own words Which of the following best defines a paraphrase?
In scene iii, Friar Lawrence speaks sternly to Romeo about his feeling sorry for himself. Choose the statement that best describes the circumstances of a monologue.
the which in which Mercutio and Tybalt are killed What event do Benvolio’s lines from the opening of Act III, Scene i hint at, or foreshadow?
killed Mercutio In Act III, Scene i, Romeo is motivated to kill Tybalt because Tybalt has…
Go to your bedroom, I will find Romeo for you. I am sure I know where he is. Romeo will be here tonight. I will go to him at Friar Lawrence’s cell. Which statement is the best paraphrase of the following passage in scene ii?Nurse: Hie to your chamber. I will find RomeoTO comfort you. I wot well where he is.Hark ye, your Romeo will be here at night.I will to him; he is hid at Lawrence’s cell.
romantic love and family loyalty In Act III of Romeo and Juliet, the central issue is a choice between
the audience while other characters are on state In an aside, a character speaks to
Tybalt’s death by Romeo’s hand In Act III, Scene ii, Juliet addresses the Nurse in a monologue that begins: “O serpent heart, hid with a flow’ring faceDid ever dragon keep so fair a cave?”She goes on to say…”Despised substance of divinest show!Just opposite to what thou justly seem’stA damned saint, an honorable villain!”Juliet is responding to the news of which event?
banish The Prince declares that he will exile Romeo for the murder of Tybalt. Which of the following is the best synonym for exile?
brave and noble In Act III, Scene i, Benvolio exclaims to Romeo that Mercutio had a gallant spirit. The word gallant means which of the following?