Romeo and Juliet Act III

Why does Romeo not want to fight Tybalt? They are cousins
Why does Romeo decide to fight Tybalt? Tybalt kills Mercutio
What happens in the fight between Romeo and Tybalt? Tybalt is killed
What is Romeo’s punishment for what happens during the fight? Exile
In Scene 2, when the Nurse is crying who does Juliet initially think has died? Romeo
What piece of news from the Nurse upsets Juliet the most? Romeo’s exile
What is the Nurse going to do at the end of Scene 2? Go to Romeo
How does Romeo feel when he finds out about his punishment? That it is worse than death
Who tells Romeo what his punishment will be? Friar Lawrence
When Romeo finds out about his punishment what does he try to do? Kill himself
What is the Friar’s plan for Romeo? Bring him back when things have calmed down
Where is Romeo fleeing to? Mantua
What will Romeo do before he flees Verona? Visit Juliet
In Scene 4, what does Capulet plan for Juliet? Marriage
How does Lady Capulet plan to kill Romeo? Poison
What does Capulet threaten to do when Juliet says she won’t marry Paris? Disown her
When is the wedding scheduled? Thursday
Does the Nurse think that Juliet should marry Paris? Yes
What does Juliet say she will do if she cannot find a solution to her problem? Kill herself
What happens to the relationship between the Nurse and Juliet at the end of Scene 5? It ends. Juliet no longer trusts her.