Romeo and Juliet; Act III

in Act III , mercutio and benvolio get into a conflict with tybalt . what does romeo do when he comes upon them ? why ? he tried to get rid of the problem by telling tybalt to put away his weapon . romeo doesn’t want to fight his cousin because tybalt is romeo’s cousin by marriage .
how do mercutio and tybalt die ? mercutio is slain by tybalt and tybalt is slain ( killed ) by romeo .
what punishment did the prince give romeo for fighting ? the punishment was to be put to death but the prince exiled romeo .
why did romeo’s killing tybalt put juliet in a bad position ? what did she finally decide ? juliet didn’t know what to do because she loved romeo and tybalt but she decided to feel sorry for romeo .
lady capulet goes to tell juliet about the plans for the marriage between juliet and paris . what is juliet’s reaction ? she says she will not marry now but when she marries , romeo will be her husband .
what is capulet’s reaction when juliet refuses to marry paris ? he thinks she’s unthankful and tells her if she doesn’t marry paris she won’t have anything to do with her father .
what advice does nurse give to juliet ? nurse tells juliet to marry paris and try to forget romeo , since he is probably permanently out of her life anyways .